I don't quite know when I fell in love, or even when I realized that I had. Im not sure if it was when i was stairing into his bright brown eyes, in that coffee shop thirty minutes out of town. Or if it was when i was holding his hand at the movies, in the dark where no one else could see us. Or maybe it was that night that he took me to the opera in Albuquerque, even though I told him several times that I hated that kind of music! Or maybe it was the moment my eyes met his, that first day at the coffee stand on the corner of 5th and central.

As I said earlier, I'm not quite sure when I fell in love with him. All that I'm certain of at this point in time, is that I am irrationally and involuntarily in love. And I know that our loves not "average" and that it's completely ridiculous. But I truly and wholeheartedly believe that everyone should love, our way.

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