jealous and high dont mix- larry and ziam 4some

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louis pov

lately ive been trying to make harry jealous.

why? because he has been ignoring me and not touching me for the past couple weeks.

so i definatly know that making him jealous would get him to notice me. but, i havent figured out how to yet. it will come to me. nut i still dont understand why hes ignoring me. i mean im fabulous.

im going to go to zayns flat and hang out and relax. and by relax i mean we are going to get high af.


i just pulled up to zayns flat. i get out of the car and go into his door.

i knock. a minute later no answer. i knock again and say "zayn i swear if you started already-" i was cut off by liam? what?

"um liam why are you here, i mean not being rude i loove you but me and zayn were gonna hang out and do stuff"

"yea i know i came here to do it with you" " i didnt know you smoke too" i said a little shocked

"well ive been under alot of stress latly so i thought id try it."

"ok then can i come in im freezing my balls off out here"

"as if you had any" liam says and i punch him in the arm playfully.

" hey z im here" i say once i say him sitting on the couch rolling up a joint.

"hey brah yea liam is here" "no shit sherlock" i said he already looked high but thats how he always looked.

i sat down and let out a sigh. "light it up" liam said lounging his feet on zayns lap.

"ok dont rush i have to say this is the most beautiful one i ever made." he said faking tears. he got the lighter and lit it up taking a puff,

he coughed a bit, he handed it to liam watching him. liam took a drag and coughed alot.

"the coughing helps get you a better high" liam nodded and gave it to me. i took a long drag. coughing.

a couple minutes later we were higher then zayns quiff. "ok so lately harry has been ignoring me, and its been getting on my nerves.nlike he doesnt even touch be barely even looks at me. so my plan is to make in jealous i just dont know how to." i finnished then liam piped in.

"well you can have sex with one of us and accidently invite him over-" "no he can call harry tell him hes here and we can have a threesome he can take us both li" and since we were pretty high we thought it was a good idea.

i got out my phone and dialled harry.

three rings. "hello" a deep voice said sounded like he just woke up and probably being sleepy didnt look at who was calling proabbaly why he answered.

"hey babe" i slurred a little. "um l-louis, h-hi" " i just wanted you to maybe come over zayns right now we are having fun" " um o-ok ill be o-over in a bit?" "kk love you baby" i said making a kissing noise then hanging up without a goodbye.

"so how are we doing this?" i asked looking at the other two who were snogging right next to me which i didnt notice.

they pulled apart. "wh-what" zayn said "fuck me" i said with no emotion.

he shrugged and crawled over to me and started snogging the hell out of me. liam got up can came right next to me. i saw his (very) big buldge and could only imagine. (A/N: I hate when people say liam has like and 8 inch or not as big as harrys and im like well then harry better have the fucking empire state building in his pants because nothings bigger then the payne train)

moaning when he sucked on certain parts. liam had his pants off taking off his boxers off revealing id have to say about 11 inches of cock. i gulped . "i wanna ride that so bad." i said out loud not thinking. but liam thought it was a good idea.

 i moaned at the and straddled liams waist grinding onhis leaking cock a little. "you need prep?" liam asked, i shook my head "couse daddys little slut already prepped herselfdidnt she?"

i felt kind of guily because harry is the one i get to call daddy not anyone else but i hope my plan works out. and i usally dont bottom but when i do im a major cock slut. liam moved my panties out of the way so he could angle his cock in just right.

i sank down onto his cock winceing a bit at the stretch. but its so big and i felt so full. i moaned as he thrusted up into me. i started moving and bouncing on his cock because i was that cook at power bottoming. and fely zayn behind me kissing my neck and whispering in myear "can you take me too princess?" and he was also impressive in size. i whimpered at that but shook my head.

i slowed down a little bit and felt zayns tip entering me. im not going to lie, it hurtlike hell but at the same time it felt amazing. he was halfway in and i didnt think it could feel anybett but once he was fully in i felt so full i couldnt believe it.

i began going up and down getting use to the feeling and soon enogh liam was thrusting up into me and behind me zayn was rubbing against liam inside of me. it all felt so good and i kept going faster and i was almost out of breath when i heard a deep voice say "what the hell is going on in here?"

shit. what do i do now "what does it look like harold im being fucked into oblivion by my two best friends." we were all three still quite high.

"ar-are you high" i nodded smilling

"b-but lou wh-why are you fucking them youre my boyfriend?" "its because youve been ignoring me and i had to find a way for you to notice and i looke like it worked so now that ive started i might as well finnish now join in or leave."

and harry took the opportunity to make that a foursome. he quicky took his beanie off alont with his shirt and pants in record time. he walked over and moved next to zayn. taking his boxers off and rubbing his length a bit. he spiton his cock a bit to get it wet and theni realized we didnt use any lube so im going to be sire tomorrow. but its not like im not used to takingit dry.

harry got right in beside liam and zayn who have been quiet and dazy the whole time. wow this is going to be a stretch.

i felt harrys tip entering me and i almost screamed it was such a big stretch but it felt so amazing. ive never felt like this before. he was almost in when he stopped giving me time to adjust. i wiggled around a bit and pushint down so he was all the way in. being so full almost made me cum rught then.

i started moving and wiggling my hips.they all started thrusting and we all started moving faster and soon all you heard was moans and the slap of skin on skin. "mm close" i moaned getting an agreeing moan from them all.

i was heavily panting and with 3 more thrusts i was cumming on liams chest. then i heard zayn give a groan and felt cum shoot up my ass. then not even ten seconds later liam cam inside me. they both pulled out and then harry did. pushing me down onto my knees making me suck him off.

i instantly deep throughted him and i could feel him thrust in and out of my mouth. i hollowed my cheeks out and he made a low moan from the back of his throat. i felt him cumming down my throat and i swollowed like a pro.

he put me on all fours and started eating me out. i was still so sensitive and i was squirming but he just held my hips and said wow i should ignor you more often. then i dont even know what happened after that i never really remember anything from while im high. but damn i want to have a 4some with them now.


ok so how was that i know it probably sucks because its 5:37 but i had nothing else better to do and i felt bad about not updating.

please comment on what ship and kink i should do next.

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