Monica POV

I yawned when my bro poked my arm."Morning Ate!" he smiled."Morning bunso!"i smiled back."Ate? ba't happy ka ngayon?" he asked me while i was yawning . i stand up "Happy? Wala lang.".

"Ate..don't tell me your'e doing something with Kuya Troy!" he looked at me with a very serious face."Oi! Anong Klasing bata ka ba?,Bastos mo." i rolled my eyes "Ayy nako ate. Hindi naman ako bastos."

*Ding Dong* i heard the doorbell rung as i walked in the bathroom "Go get the door and pleaae don't disturb me.". he nodded and closes the door and left.

Troy POV

"Sir. What can i get you for your breakfast?" my butler asked me."Just coffe and Cereal would be good." i smiled,"By the way sir,Your father was leaving early.His going to meet his Client in HongKong" he imformed me.

"Okay. and please my car and prepare my clothes going to get my Girlfriend." i tapped his shoulder."As you wish sir." The butler leave. i yawned and stood up

as i went outside. i looked at everyone saying Good Morning to me. "Sir,breakfast is served" the chef informed me "Thanks." i looked at the breakfast,Parang nasa Langit ako!

"Sir,What do you want to wear?" one of my maid ask."Uhmm. how about the bad boy styled one." i answered "Good choice sir!" she smiled.

I texted Monica

Me:Monica, Be there in 30 mins. prepare yourself.

i pressed the sent button and stood up and wash myself at the bathroom."Lalala" i sang as i washed my hair.

15 mins Later...

i took the clothes and wore it. i smiled at the mirror and drived my car going to Monica apartment.

Monica POV

My phone vibrated yet i didnt even care cuz i know its just  Troy Group Messages again.i grabbed the bathroom towel and dried myself off "Ate,may Bisita ka!!" my bro shouted outside "Paki hintay muna jan!" i screamed back. i was sure it was Troy. sweet naman. i smiled while dressing up.

i opened the door and saw Joshua bringing flowers, sitting at the couch.Joshua?! why the hell is he here.?!

"Monica. sorry what happen kahapon, di ko naman alam na i was hurting you" he offered me the flowers "Okay lang yun. moved on naman ako..." i lied. Wow! Moved on agad?!."Ah.. Ganun ba" he smiled and i accepted his flowers "Salamat." i sniffed the flowers "Bango!" i smiled "Uhmm... Monica  may time ka ba ngayon?" he asked "Wa---".

*Ding Dong* i heard the doorbell rung again and maybe it's my mom. "Come in". "Pwede ba tayo mag mall Monica?" The door opened really wide and i saw Troy looking at me."Morning babe" he smiled. ehm..ehmm...just go with the flow Monica! "Good Morning to baybeko" i smiled."Oh. hindi kita nakit Joshua" he chuckled "Okay lang pare." he smiled.

Suddently Troy sit beside me and our hands were intertwined together."Joshua,meet my Bo..Boyfriend Troy" i smiled "Ka...yo na pala?" he asked. "And kayo na pala ni Chloe?!"Troy looked at Joshua with a serious face."Yes kami na." he answered. "Pero. ba't liligawan mo pa si Monica?,meron ka namang Gf." suddently I hitted Troy's  stomach softly with my elbow "Monica. i have to go...Chloe is finding me." he left directly.

"Sus.. duwag nga si Joshusa." he chuckled "Ba't mo yun ginawa??!" i looked at him. "Alam ko selos na yan si Joshua" he smiled."Really?" i looked at him. "Yup. By The Way. ba't di ka nag reply kanina nag text ako sayo." i looked at her, i runned and grabbed my phone and returned to Troy."Sorry. i was taking a bath." i sighted. "Sa susunod Used your phone 24/7" he poked my forehead. i sighted"Sorry.". "Okay lang,go dress up and i.ll meet you at the car,yet better hurry up." he stood up and waits at the car.

Ano kaya susuutin ko? hmmm.i looked at all the clothes and decided to pick my jeans and my stripped long sweater. with my vans shoes.

i soon as i said goodbye to my little bro. i went outside and looked at Troy "Babe..can you hurry up." i looked at Troy and runned towards the car and i went in.

"Hoy Troy! ba't tawag mo sakin Babe?!" i looked at him with my serious face."Eh ba't mo ako tinawag beybeko kanina?" he chuckled.i lighty blushed "Ay..sus Blush ka nanaman" he giggled while turning on the car. and we went off.


"asan ba tayo pupunta Troy?!" she asked me."something you won't believe" i looked at her and smiled."Troy,ba't  mo ba sobrang bait mo sakin,Eh.enemies naman tayo.." she asked me "Bakit? tanong mo yan GF ba kita?" i looked at her with a smile.i saw her face reddish and i giggled "but monica don't worry..i,ll treat you like a princess" i parked the car.

Monica POV

"But, Monica don't worry i,ll treat you like a princess" Troy parked the car and held my hands.Ahh!!! Keleg Much nanaman ako!! Ehmm...Pretend lang to teh!.

"Monica, were gonna fix your face." Troy held my hands as we were going outside the parking area. Everybody was looking at Troy. "Close your eyes" he smiled."I wont!" i looked at him with my eyebrows cross."Common!Please.." he gave me his puppy eyes "Fine! " i closed my eyes and Troy guide me when we were walking.

"You can open it now" Troy smiled. i open my eyes very slowly and saw Belo Sign infront of me."Belo?!" i shouted and cover my mouth."Suprise,Dr.Belo is my friend,im sure she is gonna take care of you" he looked at me."So sir asan na po yung Girlfriend mo?" an assistant asked me. Troy pointed at me while i was picking my nose, "Sir. Girlfriend niyo po asan." the assistant poked my shoulder."Siya!" he pointed at me and i looked over the assistant "Ah...siya ba.? akala ko kasi maid niyo po sir." the assistant laugh "Gusto mo Brain Surgery miss?! pwede pa kitang isaksak ko yung gunting sa Ulo mo"

Troy laughed,The assistant rolled her eyes and guided me to the room.I saw Dr.Belo smiling "Ikaw pala si Monica,Bagong GF ni Troy" she smiled "O..opo,Pwede pa autograph Dr.Belo? hehehe. Sorry starstruck lang po. i giggled "Okay lang yun,Shall we start?" she asked me "Yes po.. pero wag po yung masakit.." i smiled and  she nodded.


after when Monica entered the Clinic, My phone vibrated. i picked the phone through my pocket and saw the name of Lauren name on the screen,

i went out to the building and asnwer the call "Hello?" i aswered."Uhm, Hey Troy.. i was wondering if your free today." THUD THUD my heart pumped into a million beats.Pero...How about Monica?!, di ko naman siya ma iiwanan dito.. "Troy? are you there?" she asked, I sighted."Yup. Uhmm Lauren sorry talaga Busy ako ngayon.Maybe Next time nalang". Ngayon lang ako naka realized na i was ignorning Today lang! am i worried about Monica?!. *Thud* *Thud* Di ako inlove! i can't! be inlove!. "Uhmm Troy salamat nalang.." Toooot, End call.

I sighted.Wow...have Monica changed me?...  i went back to the building and sat down while some girls were winking at me.i fell asleep at the chair.

One Hour later....

"Uhmm sir" Somebody poke my shoulder,"Ano po yun?" i opened my eyes. "Done na po yung make-over." The assistant smiled,"Well can i see her?" i stood up and the assistant lead me to the clinic. "Here's Monica Mr.Cruz" Dr.Belo smiled. I saw Monica walking, smiling without her braces "Monica..?" i looked at like... wow. speechless. talaga ako... Ganda niya.

*Thud* *Thud* My..heart beating again?.."Troy, Musta na face ko." she asked while i was still Shock."Troy!" Monica poked my face giggling. "Your...beautiful." i said with a speechless mind. "Ano yun?!" Monica was joking around. "Wala!!" i pushes her to the door."Your'e perfect couple" Dr.Belo whispered in my ears.I blushed and smiled "Salamat po talagaaa!! Mrs.Dr.Belo"Monica thanked her.Dr.Belo smiled "Here's the payment Doc." i gave her the money "Keep it, Used this for your Date" She smiled."Di po...ka.kami" i said with my reddish cheeks, Dr.Belo leaved with a smiley face."Date?!" Monica looked at me. "Well,we can go to Star city"  i smiled.

"Star City?!" she smiled "Yah. but here some clothes for you, Go dress up in the C.R by the way,Just pick the Pink Dress" i requested. "Yes Sir!!" she giggled

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