Red Velvet Naver Messages - JOY

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Dear Joy, 

From Irene: Our maknae, you know it even though unnie can’t express it very well right? (You know that I love you even though that I can express my feelings very well right?)

From Seulgi: A cutie-like Joy~ I think your name suits you very well~ Thank you for listening so well to your unnies~ Let’s do well in the future!!   

From Wendy: Our maknae~! You know that you’re the only younger sister for me right? Let’s become a great source of strength for each other until the end! Our cute maknae! Unnie treasures you and likes you a lot! Thank you always (forever)! Joy fighting!! Red Velvet fighting! 


Translation credit to LuWind @ RVG

A/N: So here's the Naver Messages for the maknae, Joy. :)

~~> EynJey <~~

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