part 2


Third Person 's View

(y/n) sobbed at her car at the side road, swearing and weakly punching her steering wheel.

‘how could Michael do that?’ she said ‘how could he chooses his video games over me? Am I not important? ’ she let out a silent tears that made her sleep quietly.

While the other side Michael regret everything he says at his precious girl.

He dug his head at his hands as he sit at the couch..

“I'm gonna find her, where could she be?” he said out loud and grab his jacket walking outside at night.

Michael's Pov

‘(y/n) where are you?' I gaze at the benches, sidewalks and cars finding (y/n).

Yes I really regret it, like -fuck why did choose video games over her?! I wish I'd never said that but it was late.

I see a white, grayish car at the side road , I get out of the car and look at its window.

(y/n) asleep at the driver's seat.

I open the car door and caress her cheek.

“I'm sorry (y/n)..I'm so sorry baby” I kiss her cheek making her wake up at my moves,  “M-Michael?” (y/n) mumbled “I'm sorry I yelled at you..(y/n) I know you're mad at me choosing video games instead of you..I'm really sorry.. Please forgive me...if you don't want to it's Okay.. I understand ” I kiss her cheek again .

“Michael it's Okay..I forgive you...just don't let it happen again..I love you ” she finally kiss my lips, moving our lips in sync.

Sparks, butterflies and ponies made its way at my stomach as much its cliche..

I don't care because I choose her.

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