Chapter 16

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I layed in bed with Jess after that, cuddling into her. The silence wasn't awkward, it was just... silent, as we stared at eachother. "You know that science homework?" Jess suddenly asked and I mentally swore at myself for forgetting about it. "Y-yeah?" I coughed to get rid of the huskiness in my voice.
"Well... have you done it?" I saw her smirk slightly.
"Um... yeah, course." She knew I hadn't; I was the world's worst liar.
"You know that Holly said if you don't then she'll stop me coming into lessons." Yep, Jess always helps Holly in the science lessons, which I found cute, but I knew it was all just for me. "No she won't do that-"
"Oh but she will." She giggled as I realised it was due tomorrow.
"Damn, where's my bag?" I stood up naked and started to search the messy room for it. Jessie just continued to laugh at me. "It's not funny." I frowned at her.
"Relax it's the last lesson-" Jess got interrupted by her phone, and who was it? Holly. "Hello? Oh hi Holly," I got back into bed to try and listen to the conversation. "Well, she's here... would you like to talk to her?"
"No," I instantly replied and Jess started laughing again. "I'm not speaking to my science teacher now! It's embarassing..." I frowned.
"Oh come on baby." She teased me.
"No." I turned away from her. She took that as an opportunity to wrap her arms around me.
"Come on..." She started kissing at my neck again, causing me to bite my lip.
"I'm still here!" I could just about hear Holly on the phone again, and then we both started to laugh.
"Okay see you soon." I turned around to face her.
"What do you mean see you soon?" I raised my eyebrow at her.
"She coming round." Jess smirked.
"Why is it never just us?" I pouted at her and she got up and started to put underwear on.
"Cause Holly is ma bae." Jessie giggled.

After a couple more minutes of teasing and getting dressed, we were finally in a decent state to welcome Holly in the house.
"This is embarrassing." I told Jess as she and Holly sat on the sofa.
"So, Marissa, I believe you've been struggling in a lot of subjects."
Holly pulled a serious face and suddenly I was scared. "I-well," I stumbled on my words as I moved a bit closer to Jessie, feeling nervous about Holly's suddenly different behavior. "Music has never been one of my strong subjects I mean yeah..." I looked down knowing what Jessie was thinking. "Miss Palmer, I understand that her mocks haven't been the best but I'm sure that with some studying her results will come back up and Marissa if you're no good at music why did you choose it for a GCSE?" I looked up at her then and she raised her eyebrows my direction. "Well I mean there was nothing else to choose..." I tried to defend myself but she saw right through me. "What a load of rubbish babe." She stood up and walked to the kitchen, winking my way.

I sat down next to Holly and she faced me. "I seriously don't know  if Jess has this headteachers job sorted you know..." I could tell she was being serious about her best friend too.
"Well, maybe she just needs more time to get used to it..." I sighed but soon turned it into a smile when I heard Jessie's angelic voice from the kitchen. Love On Top Beyonce. I recognised it only because she told me it was her favourite song. "God I love her," I smiled again as I fell into a daydream. "Marissa back to earth." Holly clicked to grab my attention again. "Sorry what?" I turned my attention back to her. She then lowered her voice, just to make sure Jess wouldn't hear her. "I really want this job off of her because I genuinely think I would be better... But you know I love her and I don't wanna offend her so..." She paused a second. "I was just wondering if maybe you could tell her?" She looked up at me with her now blonde curls getting in the way of her face. "Yeah course." I beamed at her to show I was going to do the job. Just then Jess walked back into the room. "Stomp stomp I've arrived." Then we all started to laugh.

After Holly stayed for a bit longer making sure I knew that I needed my grades to be better and we all had a good laugh she finally went home. "Well that was interesting." I said in a curious manner as I strolled into the kitchen, Jessie following behind like a dog. "What was?" She raised her eyebrow, little known to her I was talking about Holly and I's conversation from earlier. "Well babe... Holly told me she wants the headmasters job off of you..." I had decided to go for the straight forward option so not to cause confusion. She briefly stared at me as thoughts must have been spiralling through her head. "Oh fine then let her have the job... I know I've been rubbish and I was just trying to get the stress off me but it's too much..." She said in a dissapointed tone. I walked up to her and gave her a hug and rested my head on her shoulder. "It's okay baby." I mumbled into her ear and I felt the corners of her mouth form into a smile. "So what's for dinner?" She asked and soon enough my lips you were attached to her neck. "You, me, served with some cum and screaming..." Her moaning felt like heaven right now. That indicated to me that she wanted it. I carried on kissing down her neck and down her body, to the part where she wanted me the most...

*Jessie's POV*
The next morning I woke up beside Marissa, my arms wrapped around her waist, our naked bodies making contact.  I groaned a little as I cuddled into her more; I didn't know what time it was but I wasn't going to wake up. "Babe." I opened my eyes to see Marissa's bare back, but to hear her laugh, which was so adorable in the mornings. "Whatttttttttt." I groaned which just made her laugh even more. "It's 10:30, I think mums coming round today too... hmm..." I could almost see her smirk as I realised. "No. Cuddling day..." I said in a babies voice.
"No can't do Jessica." Marissa answered and got up, my mood instantly changing as her touch left mine. She walked around, her hourglass shaped naked body coming into my view. Her chocolate brown hair looked smudged in the sunlight that was now creeping in from the windows. "Come on you up." Marissa started and before you knew it she had ripped the covers off, exposing my naked body. She bit her lip for a moment, briefly checking me out before putting underwear and going downstairs, much to my disappointment.

A few minutes later I was downstairs and changed properly into casual clothes, joggings and a tee shirt. Marissa cooked breakfast, my arms never leaving her waist. I loved cuddles from behind. They always made butterflies flutter at the pit of my stomach. Cheesy but I knew Marissa felt the same too. "Shall I cook baby?" I asked as she got the ingredients for the roast dinner. "No, I'll do it. Besides I do need some lessons don't I?" She turned around and winked at me.
"But I can't be bothered." I groaned at her and rested my head in the crook of her neck. "There there, everything will be fine," She smirked and turned around to continue the job she was gonna do. "I need some practice for Christmas don't I?"
"Oh yeah shit." I had almost mentally kicked myself for forgetting that Christmas was in just under a week. "Bad language gosh." Marissa stated then did her cute little laugh. That laugh I always warmed to. "Okay fine I'll teach you." I said followed by a sigh. Gosh this girl had me wrapped around her little finger. "Yay." She turned around and pecked my lips.

Even though I was with Marissa and she was my everything my mind kept pondering back to Holly's proposal. I mean, I knew I wasn't doing that great of a job but I just needed time to get used to it, and she could argue that my heart isn't actually in the job which I would agree with but I still wanted to prove that I could take charge.

I needed to.

After all I was the boss.

So I'm gonna show who's the best.

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