Light/The courage I lack

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I cant stand the dark

but my light won't return

I still bare his mark

It is a single burn

It's blistered and now scaring

but I don't hide it away

I leave it proudly showing

a reminder of words he would say

I had to let him go

I wished he would stay

but this scar and his memory will never fade away.

        Well this is the first one I myself rather than Luka posted and I'm happy with it. I cant write as well as he can but I gave it a shot. This poem is about me losing someone close to me, if it was up to me he would still be around but he couldn't anymore and I respect his decision. Now I am left with memories of a boy that I will always treasure, and a hope that my light... or a new light will come and illuminate my way again until then I will feel my way through the dark.

I'm leaving this place

I couldn't stand to stay 

I couldn't stand this face

so now I'm running away

I can never look back 

for fear of facing her again

It is courage that I lack

and I may never gain

last time I faced her

all teary eyed

I pushed on to her

all the fear I had inside

I cant face her now

so I won't look back 

because it is courage 

that I lack

        I am sorry this is the only way I'm brave enough to say it.

~All_I_Am is Nikki.

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