chapter 2

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Sam had never seen so many people in one place, the queue for this one flight looked like it went on for miles, luckily because of all their boxes and furniture Sam and her mother were booked for a private plane. the removal men moved all the boxes onto the plane, Sam's stuff was not their problem anymore. Sam and her mother boarded the plane and took their seats, she sat away from her mother and found a window seat near the back of the cabin with the boxes, and the box from Sam's room. As Sam reached into the box to find her spare pair of head phones, she could feel something cold and she swore that it moved beneath her hand, but when she pulled it out, it was just the strange map she had found on her bedroom floor. When Sam looked closely she couldn't believe her eyes, underneath that little bridge was the girl from the woods, had Sam actually saw her and what was she doing on the map, she wasn't there when Sam had first found it. She decided that once they had settled into their new home, would go find this bridge and see if the map had any importance, and whether or not the little girl was real, or just a figure of her imagination.

After a very short flight, Sam was once again in the car Driving along a much more busy road, but busy or not Sam would never of seen, she was to busy looking at the map and trying to figure out how she was going to get to the bridge. When Sam finally looked up, she had never been so amazed, they were surrounded by skyscrapers that looked like they stretched up to space, they made Sam feel a little dizzy so she took one final look and turned back to the map. After hours in the car they finally pulled up outside of the new house. To Sam it looked like it could of been a small mansion surely it would be lonely with just the two of them living in such a big house. Sam's mother called on her to help move the boxes and everything else into the house, Sam didn't want to steal the removal men's spotlight so she grabbed a couple of light boxes and walked up to the front door.

Sam stood at the entrance, the doors were huge, they had strange looking stained glass windows, to Sam the picture looked like a forest, but what was even more strange was the shape of the door knocker, Sam thought she had seen it before, and then it struck her. She pulled out the map from her pocket and she was right, there was a little symbol on the bridge, and the same symbol was on the door knocker. Something strange was going to happen in this house and Sam didn't want to know what it was.

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