Chapter 3

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I invite Ashton and Michael in for a while, I unlock the front door and hold it open for them.

"Erika? Is that you?" I hear my mum shout from the kitchen

"No mum, it's a complete stranger that has a key to the house" I shout back taking off my shoes, leaving them at the door.

Me, Michael and Ashton walk into the kitchen. I walk over to the pantry grabbing out some timtams.

"Oh Ashton, Michael!" My mum chirps giving them both a hug, she adores them both.

"How was your first day back, honey?"

"Schools school" I shrug "we're gonna hang in the lounge room" I kiss my mum on the cheek.

"Don't get chocolate on the white cushions!"

"We'll try not to!" Michael shouts back

Ashton sits in between me and Michael, showing off their bromance. We talk about our days and what we have planned for the weekend, even though it was only Monday.

"We should hang at mine on Friday night, kaylee and Alfie can come too?" Ashton suggests

"Sounds good" I nod

"Will there be pizza?" Michael asks

Me and Ashton laugh and nod, he fist pumps the air and cheers. Ashton cuddles up to me, moving his arm around my shoulders pulling me closer.

"Erika stop hogging ash!" Michael does a girly whine, I laugh and stick my tongue out at him

"You have Calum!" He crosses his arms

"Calum?" Ashton looks down to me

"Michael you idiot, I don't 'have' Calum okay? Okay, now shut up"

"Did I miss something?" Ashton sits up straight, his arm still around me

"Calum and Erika were flirting today" Michael shoves a timtam into his mouth.

"Right" Ashton pulls his arm off me

"Michael!" I shout "talk isn't flirting!" I groan

"You just don't see what me and the others see" Michael finishes off his timtam

Ashton sits uncomfortably in between me and Michael, he lets out a fake cough shutting me and Michael up. Ashton's always been protective over me, he never really liked me 'flirting' with other guys or getting really close to them.

"Just, leave it okay?" Ashton sits back putting his feet on the coffee.

Hours later they both head off home, Michael taking what was left of the timtams.

"Bye guys! You're welcome anytime" my mum shouts from the lounge room, watching her favourite shows that are always on at 6:00

"Cya tomorrow"' I hug them

I sit down on the opposite lounge from my mum.

"So, are you and Ashton finally dating? She takes a sip of her coffee

"Dating? No, what, why?" I turn to look at her

"Oh, well you both just seem to always be together and cuddling"

"Mum, we've been friends since forever! We're just friends" I smile, she looks at me kinda disappointed, she adores Ashton so much.

"I'm gonna go start my homework then go to bed" I lean down kissing her cheek

"Night sweetheart"

I finish off my English homework and gather my books, placing them on my desk. I get my pj's and head into the bathroom, turning the shower on. My phone beeps from my room, I walk over to my bedside table picking up my phone, Ashton's name appeared on the screen.

Hey Erika, just wanted to say sorry for acting all weird this afternoon x I'll pick you up at 8 tomorrow morning, goodnight :) x

I smile at his text and reply saying "all goods ash :) cya tomorrow xx"

I go for my shower and hop into bed, falling asleep straight away.

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