Hanging out

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A month passed and you are slowly getting closer to B.A.P which is a relief for both your sister and them. "Looks like she finally is trying to open up to men, which is only you, apparently." Jihee said and they looked at her.

"Yah, at least she's slowly changing." Himchan said and she nodded. "Oppas, i heard that Jiyeonnie is hanging out with you later, right? Can you bring her to eat dinner too? I think i'm going home late because of SECRET's live performances." Jihee said and they nodded. "Gomawoyo oppas, dongsaengs. Looks like she's finally breaking out of her shell." Jihee said and they nodded. "Oppas, i have to go. See you and have fun with Jiyeon." She said and left after waving goodbye. "Hyung, what time are we meeting her?" Zelo asked, curious and after Yougnjae checked the time on his watch, he told him.

It's night and when they arrived at Dongdaemun, they saw you reading manga and they sighed. "Yah, don't you know that you will hurt your eye-sight by reading at a dimly lit place?" Youngjae said and you looked up, looking at them. "I know and i don't really care." You said back, making them smiled a little. "Well.. Care a little." Youngjae said and you just rolled your eyes. "Want to shop first or eat first?" Yongguk asked, trying to break the awkward quietness. "Hyung, can we go eat first? I'm hungry." Daehyun asked and all of you followed Daehyun's suggestion.

After eating, all of you went to the mall near the restaurant. "Bbang, i'll be shopping for clothes for awhile. Go and do your thing and i'll call when i'm done." Himchan said and all of you nodded. "Oh.. This seems interesting." Daehyun said as he went to a shop which sells unique things and Jongup went in with him. "So.. What are we going to do now?" You asked, curious. "Well.. Daehyunnie and Jonguppie shop quite fast so we don't have to worry." Youngjae said and you nodded. "Youngjae-ah, me and Junhongie will be in that shoe store for quite some time so.. Once we are done, i'll give you a call." Yongguk said and once Youngjae nodded, he and Zelo went to the shoe store.

"We can go now." Daehyun said once he walked out with Jongup. "Hyung, where's Yonggukkie hyung and Junhong?" Jongup asked as he looked around. "Hyung and Junhongie are in that shoe store and they will be in there for quite some time so let's do some window shopping while we wait." Youngjae said and all of you nodded. After walking around for about one hour, a phone call finally came. "Youngjae-yah, where are you? We are done shopping for shoes." Yongguk asked and after Youngjae told them the location, he ended the call. "Left Himchannie hyung." Youngjae said and they sighed while some groaned. "When will Himchannie hyung finish shopping?" Daehyun muttered but all of you heard. "Daehyun hyung, just wait for a while more." Jongup said and he sighed.

Soon, Yongguk and Zelo walked towards all of you. "Mian, waited long?" Yongguk asked, feeling apologetic. "Aniyo hyung, Himchannie hyung is the only one left." Jongup said while smiling and Yongguk smiled back. "Hyung, Himchan hyung haven't called you yet?" Zelo asked and Yongguk shook his head. After spending about an hour in a cafe, Yongguk's phone finally rang. "Let's go back, he's finally done." Yongguk said and all of you nodded.

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