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But...but..but...I don't....I don't want....a hug -" I struggled

Huh oh what a surprise you hug a girl and they don't like it. (sighs) girls are just complicated. I still need to drink,Ethan said lazily.

As I explored his home I saw Ethan just staring at me licking his lips waiting for something as I just give him a dirty

Ready ,Ethan said with a smile

Yeah,I said

Let's just get this over with,Ethan said disappointedly.And plus I need to get a bite out of you ok so move your hair and come closer,Ethan said unpassiantly.

Alright alright don't need to be so pushy ok,I in a calming voice.

On the count of 3,1,2...3,Ethan said quickly.

I leaned closer and shut my eyes as he sunked his teeth into my neck.

Ok that's enough ok so GET OFF,I said meanly.come on get off I don't have all day come Ethan get off ETHAN GET OFF,I fainted.

As he was sucking my blood I fainted in pain once his teeth slip out of my neck he realises what he had done and carried me where i wanted to know where to go and sis we were on our way he put me down on the ground and layed next to me and went to sleep,well of course he wasn't literally next to me he was like a couple of steps away from me because that will just be weird if he was sleeping next to me you know hahaha.

Huh what happened...OH wow ok was that a dream I mean my neck doesn't,OW never mind I was wrong it does hurt ALOT,I said painfully

Huh what's wrong why are you at this time it's late you know you really should be getting some rest for after what I did to you I mean I didn't mean it doesn't really happen so don't think anything funny ok,Ethan said happily

Yeah I already think different about you,I said with a smile

Mmmmmmmm ok,Ethan said

Let's keep going ok because I need to go and save rose and I don't have all day because we have been here a while now ok so let's get going,quickly I stated

Smiled Ethan,Yeah yeah whatever, I will show you the way like the deal ok.

Following Ethan was a good Idea because he was strong and fearless so if a bad vampire or creature came he would've knocked them off there feet it would've been funny too because HIM sticking up for me so yeah but I don't know if he really is going to save me or maybe he won't help me and lore me into a trap and give me away to my ex-boyfriend,that will be terrible I would slap him across the face until he we were walking deep into the forest we ended up in a den,but I wasn't shore if it was a trap or just an ordinary den or something but I kept on following him because the place was kinda scary and Freezing cold I couldn't even explain or find the word for this place, it was not at all fantastic that's for shore and when we were at a end.

Ahhhhhh, I hate you,you lier, how dare you put me into this mess, I hate you,I knew there was something fishy going on I knew it,I shouted

But....I... I didn't,Ethan tried explaining

I don't want to talk to you anymore that's it leave me alone I can go through this alone and I will never ever ever let you help me again you understand you PIG!, I shouted

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