Based on an imagine from imaginexhobbit. Posting on here because it exceeds the word limit.

Summary: (AU where everyone lives after BOTFA) You and Fili are pregnant with a child but you have a miscarriage.


The day you told Fili you were pregnant, he wept like a fool and kissed you before running around like a child, telling everyone. He loved to talk to your stomach, even if you didn't quite show yet. He would coo at it and kiss it, making you giggle and blush. You were slightly annoyed when he started to monitor your every move and began to dictate what you ate and drank, but you understood why and you let it slide. His happiness was your happiness and nothing could spoil it.


A month into the pregnancy, Fili went on a hunting trip with his brother and uncle. He gave you a kiss at the gates and told you that he would be back in a week's time and to be careful.

"I will, Fili! You worry too much," you pouted. He smiled at you and gave you another kiss. "You be careful too though...I don't need you bruised and broken when you come back." He laughed at you and stroked your cheek.

"I'll be back before you know it. Without a scratch." He leaned down and kissed your belly through your dress. You sighed in content and stroked his hair. "You watch over your mother," he whispered to the baby. You just rolled your eyes and scoffed. "And keep her out of trouble. She has a way of finding it..." You gave his cheek a sharp tap with your finger. You heard Kili snicker in the back as Fili got up and gave you one last kiss as he mounted his horse. "I love you, my darlings."

"I love you too, Fili." You waved at him as he rode his horse into the distance. The gates closed and you slowly and carefully walked back to your home to rest.


The day before Fili's return, you decided to take a walk through the mountain with Ori. It was about the safest thing you could think of; a simple walk down the halls wouldn't be too strenuous, a child could do it without breaking a sweat. You were walking down a flight of stairs, talking and laughing with the younger dwarf, when you tripped on an uneven stone. You tumbled down the stairs and you landed on your stomach. Ori rushed down to you and gingerly cradled you in his arms. You moaned and cried out in pain as he did his best to run with you in his arms as quickly as possible to the healers.


Fili rode back through the gates, the sun shining and a huge smile plastered on his face. He couldn't wait to see you and continue to spoil and dote on you again. Kili endlessly teased his brother about how he spoiled you rotten and Thorin just quietly chuckled to himself as his nephews continued their playful bickering.

"Do you think she got bigger? Would she show by now?" Fili looked over his shoulder to his uncle, hoping he would answer the question.

"Maybe," Thorin shrugged. "Probably just a noticeable by now; a bump at most." Fili smiled wide and shook with excitement. His smile faded as Ori ran in front of the hunting party, waving his arms like a madman, and spooking the horses. "Ori!" Thorin yelled, trying to calm his horse. "What is the meaning of this?" Ori ignored Thorin completely and turned his attention to Fili.

"Fili!" Ori started, breathlessly. Fili's body tensed. He didn't know what news Ori had brought, but he knew it wasn't good. "Fili...the baby..." Fili grew pale and tightly gripped the reins of his horse.

"What about the baby?" Ori didn't answer and Fili grew impatient. "ORI," he snapped. The younger dwarf flinched and looked up at the prince. Fili's fists were shaking and his face was pale. "What happened to my child? My wife?" Ori looked away from the prince and shook his head. "No..."

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