Million Dollar Model - chapter 1 (New Beginning)

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Firstly, this IS NOT my story. I got this from KiyomiShortcake.xo in credits to her, NOT ME.

Secondly, I do not own any of AOT/SNK characters.

Lastly, enjoy!!^_^


A/N: Just a short note about a few things: Eren is up to nineteen and Levi's aged down to twenty two. I apologize in advance for slight OOC as well :3


It was a slow lazy day in Titan Chronical Cafe. Eren leaned on the counter, dozing off into the boring news broadcast as he tried to distract himself from the mid summer heat and boredom. Usually, the small café would be packed with costumers buying coffee or pastry or leave their children here to listen to his mother tell stories in the brightly colored corner. He never understood why his mother called the café Titan Chronicle, but it still seemed to catch attention of many tourist and townspeople. Maybe it was the stories his mother had to tell about an alternative world about titans and how they affected civilization and how brave soldiers fought against them for humanity's freedom. Though his mother always sugar-coated the endings and certain parts of her story to keep it child appropriate.

A small chime came from the door and Eren looked up. A tall goofy looking girl looked around rapidly at the small decorations here and there in the café. Honestly, her curiosity to the café's decor wasn't unexpected nor was it new. It wasn't what you'd usually see in any ordinary café. What his mother visioned was a large gray wall drawn around the cafe with a few open cracks here and there, reveling half of a titan's face offering the illusion of a titan inside the wall. The Colossal as his mother called it peeked over the wall while smaller titans ran along the wall. They had strange-looking faces for comedic effect and many seem to like the idea.

His mother's imagination was truly something. The corner of his lips twitched to a smile as he thought about it. He didn't notice that strange-looking woman was inching closer and closer to him. Not until the woman invaded his personal space enough Eren could feel her breath on his head.

"Ah! What the-"

"You," The boy looked up quick to see the woman walking towards him. "You're perfect! Absolutely sexy! Well sexy would be too much as an overstatement... but you're cute!"


"Look at your eyes! Beautifully stunning! It crosses the border of green and blue, it's likes the ocean without all the impurities!" The woman declared, grasping Eren's shoulders tightly. "You look so cute, innocent, naïve, perfect!"

Eren let out a confused, ragged breath and tried to pry himself from the woman's surprising strong grip. "Ah, you have a slim body..."

"Ma'am, are you going to order anytime soon?" Eren asked slowly.

"I want to see it!"


"I want to see every inch of it! Let me see your body!"

"Ma-marco!" Eren shouted, he managed to break free of her grip but she caught his hand and pulled him back. This time determined not to let him go. "No no no, don't be afraid. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want your body."

"Excuse me," The freckled boy stared at the scene before stepping between the woman and his coworker, smiling lightly at the woman. "Hello, welcome to Titan Chronical Cafe, how can I help you?" Marco's words were generic, nothing new to a coffee lover, but his voice was gentle and sweet. "I want his body, gimme the boy!"

Marco's face flushed and he giggled awkwardly. "Sorry miss, Eren's not for sale."

"I want him, he's prefect for modeling with Levi!"

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