A true friend I missed

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A friend of mine

who always wanted to be fine ,

unfortunately, when she was ten and nine,

She got caught in a land mine,

because she crossed the limited line,

and now,she is away from shine....

It was a noon,

when i heard that she was doom..

I ran between the light of moon

And finally reached my friend's room.

when i saw her,i was about to swoon,

and my heart blasted with a bhoom...

I drew near her cod,

and saw her sleeping in her bed,

her head tied with a rag in red,

with quiet a lot of blood...

the world said,she is dead,

and my tears started to shed...

After sometimes ,she passed my way

in a coffin,like a sun ray..

she went away on a may day

leaving me in a jungle bay...

but now, i am struggling and i sway,

without knowing the correct way...

when she was alive,she carefully guided me,

but now, there is no one to bother about me....

though she left me

she is burried in me,

and will live forever in me...

because,she is someone special to me

someone very special to me.....

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