Hollyleaf's prophecy

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I, am Hollyleaf. Hello! Well, no, I have not come here for nonsense! I'm here to tell you my story! I bet you're interested! It all started like this...


"You can't hurt me Ashfur!" Squirrelflight hissed through the flames.

"I will kill your kits and make you suffer the pain I have suffered!" Ashfur cackled.

"You can't hurt me like that," Squirrelflight sniffed, "They're not my kits."

I widened my eyes in horror as I tried to take in the fact that I could be half clan, or worse, a kittypet. My world was lost that moment, and all my love for Squirrelflight was crushed, and turned into hatred.

I was lied to all along, into believing Squirrelflight was my mother. I swore from that moment to take revenge.


"Hollyleaf, wait!" Lionblaze called anxiously.

I was about to turn around when suddenly, I heard a thundering sound. The roof of the tunnel collapsed onto me.

"Help!" I cried as I was buried under the falling rocks and stones.

"Is this Starclan?" I asked in wonder, gazing at the blurry stars.

"Yes." A cat replied softly. I turned behind, surprised.

"B-Bluestar?" I gasped as I stared at the blue leader.

"Yes," Bluestar chuckled, beckoning me to her side. "It's me."

"But am I dead? Why am I here?" I asked, confused.

"No, you're not dead. Your body is in the tunnels, but you're walking with Starclan." Bluestar explained. "I have called you here as you have an important role!"

"In what?"

"You know you're dead to your clan mates right?"

"What?? When was I dead?" I was startled.

"They don't know! But what you don't understand is that the time in the clans pass faster then The time in Starclan! It's been moons since you 'died' in Thunderclan." Bluestar sighed.

"Okay, so what do you want me to do?" I asked, slightly irritated.

"Forgiveness will be earned when the Holly meets Fall and rescues her friends from danger." Bluestar meowed, wisdom shining in her eyes.

"So... I meat Fall? Who In Starclan is that?!" I exclaimed.

"You will know in due time." Bluestar told me. "I can't tell you anymore, but Starclan will guide you."

"Why me? I killed someone! I'm not fit to have Starclan guide my paws! I should be in the Dark Forest!" I hissed in horror.

"You never meant for this to happen. You were kept in the dark, Hollyleaf. You only were too loyal." Bluestar drew a paw over her ears. "Now go"

I felt my pelt shimmering as I was lifted into the air. Closing my eyes, I felt myself drifting away...

"Ouch!" I cried as I struggled for breath. My right leg was stinging and I could barely open my eyes.

We are with you...

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