Chapter 8: Wings upon the Winds of War.

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Fate’s P.O.V.

“Do you think that they are ready for this war?” My voice held firm and the figure in white next to me shrugged.

“That depends as to what you are referencing Fate. Is it the possibility that angels will actually perish in this war or that fact that not everything is as it seems?” The figure said glancing up toward me and holding my gaze with eyes of purest gold.

“It’s both of those things plus the other one.” A mere blink of the eyes was all that given to what I stated.

“We know the consequences of intervening to help one side or the other tho-

“I gave no help to the little angel at all! You know that as well as I do.  I’m just saying that we deserve to have a say in what is to transpire and He won’t allow that. It threatens not only me, but you as well. Do you not wish to continue to exist?” I elaborated, effectively cutting the figure off.

“Fate, you know that I wish to continue to exist. That was a shameful question, but let me ask you something Fate.” I shifted my stance as golden eyes bore into my eyes. “Why did you choose to tell him what you told him?”

My mind raced off as I tried to come up with a satisfactory answer that would pull away from the real reason I want to the young angel. The reason I told him of what he needed to do. It was the logical way of keeping the universe in a balance that maintained the sacred peace that has lasted for countless eons. I don’t even think He, in all his glory, could re-master the cosmos in such a hurry.

“The balance,” The words came out as more of a mutter, but sadly, only so much can’t be heard by beings of such power.

“The balance? We all know the balance is complete and utter bullshit. The very fact that we have this ‘balance’,” The being quoted the air, “throws off the meanings that we greater divine beings have and the powers we were given. How are you Fate, supposed to do your duty as a bringer of prophecy and life taker, if we have the damned balance? How am I supposed to do my damned duties as a commander of the armies of heaven if I know I’m just going to lose angels here and there? Why can’t we use our powers to stop this from happening?” The aura of the being started to grow and I had to use my aura so I wouldn’t be blasted away.

“That balance has kept us alive and safe for how many eons? You can just expect me to walk away from this fight like nothing is going to happen. I mean for heaven’s sake, wake up and see the damn fight coming. Step up and be the commander you are supposed to be!” I shouted as my aura started to rapid change colors.

“Don’t shout at me Fate. Unlike you, I still participate in battle. I still have my skills that are needed for this. If I recall, you were never that much into violence anyway.” I raised my eyebrow at the words being tossed at me.

“So you’re saying basically that I can’t fight? Have you forgotten that I have kicked your tiny butt plenty of times before? And why the hell are we even arguing this? Battle is coming and we need to prepare the forces.” I shot back. I narrowed my gaze.

“Curses Fate, I am a commander, not you.”

“Start acting like one then,” I shouted before flying over to fit myself for battle.

I arrived to my room to prepare before one of my servants stepped out from the shadows.

“Mistress, why are these humans such fickle creatures? A robed figure asked Fate, who gazed off in the distance, seemingly pondering the answer.

“Oh Bal’tor. In the time it would take to describe humans properly, a thousand universes would erupt into existence and fizzle out, but to bring it down to a single simple term, well I’d say fear. Fear controls their every doing. Some would disagree but they know not the minds of humans as I do. Others would say that it was love that guided human action, but even behind that love, lies fear.

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