I Got Tagged: 20 Facts About Ai

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Hello. I've been tagged by one of my friends, @Enchantednuns , so I guess he wants to know more about me. (Edit: He does). 

Question is...do you?

This works like so: You get tagged, you write 20 fantastical facts about your beautiful self (must be true) and then you nominate a handful of other innocent people to continue this never ending, occasionally narcisstic cycle. No exuses, no chickening out and no "not doing it". Sounds so much fun, right? 

Anyway, my nominees are: @Tensukishi @MacaronLove @dandydilettante @JoyCronje and @JSBennett 

1. I adore chocolate, and when people want something, they bring me chocolate.

2. I greet people who bring me chocolate with a suspicious: "Whaddaya want?" 

3. I'm a self-proclaimed Roman Catholic (though Benedict--best guy friend--sometimes jokes that I'm technically a heathen, since I've never been baptized anywhere), and I intend to get baptized around Christmas with other converts. Parents have finally accepted that I'm perfectly capable of making my own decisions, and that they've done a terrible job of raising me. XD.

4. If you follow me at all, you probably know that I'm an avid fan of intellectual debates. I don't always know all the answers, but I try. 

5. Mongolian, German and English are all my first languages, as I have no idea which one I learnt first. 

6. I'm arrogant, proud, impatient, very flawed and vain. Still working on humility (but hey, feel free to continue leaving those lovely ego-boosting comments ;-)

7. I have a remix of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons so good my mother thought it was a real song initially. Want the link?

8. The internet has been my most influential teacher. It's amazing how many endless, invaluable resources you can find here (Wattpad included). 

9. I have a dual German/Mongolian citizenship. Well...I almost have it. 

10. I have a job at an English Language School, but my job description has never been fully outlined, merely revealed bit by bit. Officially, it's changed from Cafe Adminstrator to Online Administrator to Internal Affairs With Online Stuff Manager.  I'm confused too. 

11. I have four younger brothers, two parents, a cat named Misheel, and two dogs named Merry and Tatanka. Tatanka was originally supposed to be named Pipin, but that name doesn't seem to work for St. Bernards. (Comment if you noticed the reference). 

12. These things are overrated in the world: College Degrees, Medicine, Coffee and Sex. 

13. I will join the U.S. Marines someday, as it's apparently impossible for me to join the IDF. 

14. I will start a Youtube Blog (Vlog?) this year, hopefully, to talk about stuff that matters to me, Writing, interesting topics and common misconceptions on religion and other matters. Sweet, right? You'll finally get to see what I look like! 

15. You already know what I look like. 

16. I enjoy sarcasm in moderate doses. Too much of it is like eating with a stuffed nose.  

17. Math is one of my favorite subjects. *ducks the potatoes being thrown* 

18. I've been described by real people as: evil, malicious, charismatic, introverted, extroverted, capricious, intelligent, retarded, sarcastic, much too serious, emphatic, kind, helpful angelic, confident, contradictory, arrogant, chaotic, serene, SCARY and intimidating. It's a ridiculously large amount of labels. 

19. Since society has been incapable so far of giving me just one or two labels, why don't you try? ;-)

 20. Perception is everything. Make of that what you will. 

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