Red Velvet Naver Messages - SEULGI

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Dear Seulgi,

From Irene: Finally, the day that we’ve been talking about together and wishing/ hoping for has finally come. It’s unnie’s first time too so there’ll be a lot of things that I’m lacking but let’s work hard together! 
(she’s talking about finally debuting as a group)

From Wendy: Sseulgi! Let’s do well! Don’t forget that I’m here 24/7 anytime and anywhere! Let’s be strong! Fighting! Thank you always (forever)  You know my heart even though I don’t say it right? (I love you) >3< Keke

From Joy: When I was having a hard time during our trainee period/ years, you taught me how to sing and taught me how to dance TT I am really thankful~ Teach me more in the future, I love you~~  


Translation credit to LuWind @ RVG

A/N: so here's the Naver Messages for Seulgi. :)

Next is for Wendy. :)

~~> EynJey <~~

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