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The grass danced gracefully with the wind as I sat upon my feelings in my hidden sanctuary, well it's not very hidden but you would never expect it to be someone's special place. A big abandoned grass paddock walking distance from my house.

I glanced at my watch every now and then because I had to be at my house by 6:00. When it was time I headed home my thick brown hair blowing in the ferocious wind. Once I got home I ate tea and went to my room. I was very tired so I read 1 chapter of 'life love' and hopped into my bed, as soon as my head touched the pillow I blacked out.

The minute I awoke nervous thoughts flooded through me I was so scared of what the day was going to bring. I looked at my phone 'oh shit' I'm late for school after hastily getting ready I got in my car and drove to school. On the way I started having second thoughts about my outfit, I was wearing black low-top converses, with black stockings and a sky blue dress also I had added a blue hair accessory to match my dress. Maybe I was too dressed up, it was just school after all.

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