Chapter 4.

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I had so much fun yesterday shopping with Vicky yesterday. The mall was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. Vicky bought a few dresses, a bikini for saturday and some new shirts. I ended up buying a beach dress with floral print and a pair of toms, also for saturday.

It was 8 AM and Vicky was still asleep. I decided I'd take a shower. I went to the showers, which luckily were stalls so nobody would see me. I don't like the idea of people seeing me naked, whether it's a girl or not. I loved taking showers. The water made me feel calm and relaxed. I washed and shaved myself before turning off the water. Just as I wanted to open the door and leave to my room in my towel, I heard voices.

"Nobody is in here at 8 AM just come!" I heard a girl's voice. "Abby, just wait a second. Fuck. Im tired as hell." "Then you shouldn't have drank so much yesterday, now come in here and shower with me before anyone notices!" the girl demanded to a boy. I've heard the voice of the boy before, I just couldn't remember where. 

When I heard the shower go on, a few stalls away, I got out of my stall and left as quiet as possible, not wanting to know what would happen next in there. 

As soon as I got back to my room, Vicky was awake. "Goodmorning!" She chirped. "You never guess what just happened!" I responded and I told her the whole story. "So this Abby girl is doing a boy right now in the showers?" She laughed. "It was so awkward! They didn't know I was there. I don't know if they are doing 'it'"

"Should I go there now?" she asked me, almost bursting into laughter.

"No! What? No! Vicky that's gross. Who knows what happened there! Besides, we have to get ready for class."

"Guess you're right." She said, grinning. "Next time I will go in there, though."

I rolled my eyes as I put on underwear and then white trousers and a brownish shirt. It was going to be warm today, so I think it was the right decesion to wear this. Vicky put on a simple dress, but it looked very nice on her. She stepped into heels while I had put on my converse shoes. "Heels?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, I need to impress some cute boys around here and I read boys find heels sexy." She said and I chuckled. "How sexy when you trip." "I won't. Im a professional." She said, laughing.

"You know," Vicky started "Do you dye your hair?" "No why?" Does my hair look fake? "Well, you don't see brunettes with blue eyes very often." "Neither a blonde with green eyes" I responded, even though I know some people who do. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Let's go now, otherwise we will be late. Walking around campus on these heels will need some extra time." I laughed and grabbed my bag, first up we had literature. Since we were both English Majors, we had a lot of classes the same. 

When we arrived I sat down in the front. I actually like to pay attention to the professor. "What? The front?" Vicky asked me. "Yeah.." I simply answered. "Do you mind if I go sit in the back?" She asked. I shook my head no, and she left. 

After a lot listening and writing, the professor gave us homework and dismissed us. Finally. Vicky came up to me with a boy next to her. "Kate, I met this boy and he asked me to go out with him tonight! So yeah I won't be in the dorm. See you later!" She said while the boy she just met and her left. 

I was so bored when I came back to my dorm. It was 4 PM and I was exhausted. I got my phone out and decided to text Alex.

*Hi Alex, college is amazing! Have a really cool roommate. How are things going there? Miss you X Kate.* 

He replied very quickly.

*Kate! Hi! Sorry really busy right now. Everythings fine here. Talk to you soon! - Alex*

Busy? Busy with what? 


*Yeh, i'll explain later if you want to .. ? *

I didn't want to sound like an overly obsessed girlfriend so I said he didn't have to. Still, I am wondering what is keeping him busy. If he can respond to me, he can't be too busy right? 

After wondering what he would possibly be doing I watched a movie. 'The Notebook'. Such a classic, but I loved it and always cried when I watched it.

"You are, and always have been, my dream" I whispered. I basically knew the whole script. After the movie finished I looked in the mirror to see my eyes bloodshot and swollen, The usual, after this kind of movies.

When the movie was done, it was 7 PM. Vicky was still away with that boy. I looked up my desk and found a piece of paper with all kind of phone numbers. One was for the campus pizzeria.. I didn't even hesitate and called them, ordering a pepperoni pizza. After twenty minutes, someone knocked on my door.

I opened it and was surprised to see Vicky. "Hi, sorry I forgot my key" she said. "No problem, I thought you were the pizza guy." "You ordered pizza? Nice! I have so much to tell you!" She chuckled.

"Did you drink?" I asked, pure curiosity. "No, I just discovered something really funny. I'll tell you when the pizza is here." She didn't even finish the sentence when the delivery boy stood in front of our door. When I paid him, he left and I shut the door. We sat down on Vicky's bed and she started telling the story while we were eating the pizza.

"So this boy I met during literature yesterday, his name is Michael. He is very funny and he asked me if we could hangout after class and I said yes, ofcourse. He took me to a bowling alley and there were a couple of friends of him, including Ashton. He introduced me to this one girl with blonde hair and she told me her name was Abby."

I burst into laughter. "What? You mean the shower girl?"

"Well, I wasnt sure," Vicky told me, "but she was with this boy, Luke, and they were like kissing the whole time so it could be them. They are coming to Ashton too so I thought if you could hear their voices you might know if it was them. It was so awkward though! They just couldn't stop kissing and I felt like I was going to vomit. So clingy.."

After hearing this I couldnt wait any longer for Ashton's poolparty. I wondered if we were going to a public pool or if he had his own. I don't know if there are pools around campus so who knows. The rest of the evening, Vicky and I spent talking about Saturday. "You should meet Michael. He's coming too!" She said excited. "You like him, don't you?" I asked her. Her cheecks turned red and she shook her head no. "I don't. I just find him very.. interesting. Speaking of boys, how are you and Alex doing?" She asked. "I don't know. He acted weird today.." I told her and I let her read my messages. 

"Wow, that's weird. Maybe you should like skype him this weekend? He can't be busy then, right?"

"Yeah I think I will indeed. It's just weird because he has never acted like this. He always made time to text me or something like that you know? But I guess i'm overreacting. I'll talk to him later this weekend.."

"Tell me how it went. Im going to sleep now, sorry. You should too, you seem exhausted." 

"I do?" I asked. "Yeah, some sleep will help. Goodnight Kate!" She told me.

"Goodnight!" I said as I turned the lights of.

After a few minutes I could hear light snoring on the bed across of mine. She was asleep. I lay down on my small, yet comfortable bed. Just a few minutes after that, I am asleep. 

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