Adutions and Home sweet home!

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Me and Dylan just stared at each other in shock! like..WTF!!

"ummm... coach, you do know that this was only one game..right." I said after I got over my shock.

"Yea, and why would I be in the team? Didn't I lose?" Dylan asked out of pure curiosity.

"And we're only the first ones to play, how do you know there aren't any other better players?"

Dylan scoffed " seriously ky, who could be better then you!? your the best player I've EVER seen!"

I blushed at that "But-t your-r-r really-y good to-o!" I stuttered

I think I saw a little pink on his cheek but it's probably my imagination.

"Thx, but your much better!" he said

"When your done flirting, I'd like to tell you why I choose you" coach Brandon said.

Me and Dylan had the same reaction.


Mouths wide open and eyes bulging!

I think we were blushing to. I knew I was!

But before he could say something I blurted out..

"We're just friends!?!?!"

Then I heard Dylan mumble something like "thats the problem" but I probably heard wrong.

Coach just gave us what looked like a knowing smirk.

"Righttttt... anyway, now I'll tell you guys why I picked you.

"First off, while you guys were flirting when you were waiting for the names to be called, I think you failed to notice that you were the last ones to get picked. And by the way, I contacted your old school coach, coach mason, my cousin, said when I was talking to him the other day, he said something like that I was lucky because two of his favorite basketball players, you guys, we're really REALLY good. so I asked him to explain but he just gave me a few videos he took during a few games and I liked you guys the second I saw you play on my t.v! And if you hadn't noticed, in the beginning of the class, I mentioned that gym class was cancelled today and we'll be doing adutitions today. so you just adutitioned for the white gale basketball team and rocked it!" he said while fist pumping the air.

"So...we...made it into the team?" we asked

"Yup, with the highest points!"coach said

We took awhile to take everything in, so when we did, we both said at the same time " so... wait a second... so you've been basically stalking us this whole time!"

We then looked at each other and burst into laughter! oh my god that was sooo funny!

Coach just rolled his eyes but was still chuckled.

Then, when we were done laughing he said

"No, I was definitely not stalking you. you could say, I was, umm.. scouting? YEA, scouting! that's it!" he said

We just rolled our eyes, and, again, we said at the same time...


Then we looked at each other and burst into laughing again. who knew we could be so funny?!

I think this is gonna turn into a habit! not that I'm complaining or anything...

"Soooo.... you guys up for it!" Coach asked while pouting

Wow, i mean like the dude looked 30, but it actually made him look younger. He did have kid like features. Blonde hair and blue eyes, average surfer boy looks. I wonder how old he really is....

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