Gjakut Sanguinem

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A creature, clearly inhuman, roamed these lands. It had quite commonly been viewed as both a fallen angel, and a vampire, due to its nature, yet its true species was unknown to most, if not all who inhabited this earth.

Its body greatly resembled that of a humans however its proportions seemed to be rather off.

Its legs were long and muscular, its torso resembling that of a females, yet it was much more unnaturally slender, almost as if compressed by a corset. Its arms shared the same muscular build as its legs and its shoulders were rather feminine. If most were to guess, this creature most likely was female.

Covering it's torso was a golden colored, armor like set of metal, designed to give the look of ! muscular build. Despite the gold color, this armor like cover was far from any earthly material, having a much higher strength than any earthen material, and yet at the same time, much more flexibility.

What wasn't covered by this odd material on the equally odd creature, was covered by a thin, sheer material that flowed with an almost gravity defying movement, creating a skirt like bottom piece to its clothing, along with baggy sleeves. This sheer material also created a cover upon the creatures head, creating a face cover from which only the vibrant blue glow of its eyes could be seen, and spanning from its head were two large horns.

Any skin that could be viewed on this creature was oddly a bluish grey color, and sprouting from its hips, were two enormous black wings that resembled some form of elegant bird.

Most people saw this creature for its beauty, rather than for its deadly nature, as despite its odd shape, it seemed to hold the beauty of the gods, an almost irresistible trait to most eyes, be them innocent or tainted.

What most people didn't know about this creature, was that its only purpose was to collect blood. It uses a natural power, called Hemokinesis, though, its body does not possess enough to use the power with its own blood. So it collects others blood.

The creature used its sheer beauty as a way to entice its victims, in a rather Sexual way.

Often she would search for human or other species of humanoid life, setting her sights on what looked to be the least dangerous to her well being, and would approach them in a rather secluded area, perhaps an alley way or in the person of interest's home and seduce them. Taking advantage of the moment, she would quite often make their blood boil until their bodys could not  handle it any longer, most of the time killing them in the process. She would then create small puncture wounds throughout the persons body, using her powers over blood to drain the body almost completely of its life liquids and collect it for herself in a pouch she carried built into the side of her armor like torso plating. The more blood she collected, the stronger she became. This blood, too was the only way she could survive, as is is what she fed off of. This is where the idea that she is some form of vampire comes from.

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