They've all stopped

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Alarm bells filled the cavernous interior of the hub, lights flashed across the dragon mural giving it a demonic tinge. An eerie silence followed as the red lights continued to flash.

"Jack, where are you?" Silence met the call. "For gods sake Jack, every time we need you, you dissappear!"

"Hey stop calling me out on my past, I think you'll find that you are the time keeper; you are the one who says 'so many ways to use a stopwatch'"

"Not over the coms!"

"Never bothered you before", Ianto could almost hear the wink. "Not now Ianto, maybe later"

"Will you two stop fucking flirting, we have a problem here!"

"All of the children have stopped, just stopped".

An English accent pierced the mix of Welsh and American accents, confusion lacing her tone, contrasting the soft vowels of Ianto. "Thank you newbie, that was fairly obvious".

The door quickly opened heralding the entrance of another member of the team.

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