Chapter 2

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I went to the nurse station in the or floor and put back that chart that was in my hands in his place.

Ron came toward me

"Hey wanna catch up a drink?"

"I'll give up,the last time I went to drink with you ,I needed to carry you till your home and I'm pretty sure you called me 'mommy' few times"

"I told you that it's not allowed to me drink more than 6 shots of Tequila"

"Anyway I can't because Bryan want to meet me"

"How's going between you both?"

"It's good I think I'm actually gonna like him..I mean he is not Owen but..."

"Cristina it's been 5 years you really need to move on"

"I am, I am moving on I think that today we're gonna make it 'official'"

My pager just buzzed I looked on it "oh crap my patient crushing gotta go"

After I saved my patient and put him on watch I went into the nurse station in the lobby

I gave the nurse the patient chart " I put him on watch if anything happened page me."

The nurse nodded and then suddenly said " I think this guy looking after you."

I turned around and walk toward him.

"Are you looking after someone?" I asked

"I just found her" he smiled and hugged me "Come on,I'll accompany,to your home"

We both got out from the hospital and walked in silent

And then Bryan said "well I thought it a lot time.."

"Bryan you're not gonna propose to me right?" I asked in panic.

"" he laughed. "well we're dating something like 4 month so I thought we could make it official."

"Official?" I return after his words.

"Ya,you know like a couple" he replied.

"Couple?" I asked.

"If you don't think that's a good idea just forget about it" he said.

In few mails I'll be in my home it's seems like someone standing right in front of it but I couldn't see it clearly.

"No, you know what that's a good idea" I said

"So you're saying yes?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows.

I could see the man shadow clearer he was tall and seems really strong but still I didn't see him clearly enough to recognize him.

"Yes,we're a couple don't make it a big deal" I said

"Good" he kissed me on my chick.

We were so close to my home and so close to the man but his face was in the dark

"Well it's your home. good night" Bryan said and stick a kiss to my lipase

The man finally noticed to Bryan and me, we were close to him he could see us but we couldn't see him 'case he was in the dark

And then in hoarse voice the man said "Cristina?"

He made a few steps toward us.

And then I finally could see his face


Well guys I'm trying to write this story in my mind he went really well please give me some feedback so I'll know how to fix stuff

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