Chapter 25- Just a dream !

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Nahseem - ( Nah- see- mah)


Alaysha POV

I wake up from a long over due nap . Right next to Saiyer . Releasing the adduction was all a dream , i cuddle contently back into Saiyer's arms . Somehow that dream made me a little more thankful for him .

Ten minutes later Saiyer wakes up and pulls me closer to him . I don't really mind it , especially after that dream. I want to actually be closer to Saiyer...

" gimme kiss" i whisper into his ear , with his eyes still closed he gets on top of me and gives me a kiss then lays his head on my stomach . For a little while , he just lays there .

Maybe this is where i really am suppose to be .. Maybe Saiyer really will take care of me .

Dalliyann's POV

I wake up from the worst nightmare ever . I realize its a nightmare when i wake up in my bed, alone ; again. I get out of bed and drag myself into the shower . All i wanna do is lay down in my sorrow and eat .. Watch african soph operas but instead , I'm going out with Jazmine .

We're going to the Skating Center and Maybe later go out partying if im up to it , which really means if Jazmine is up to it .

All i wanna do is sleep .

Alaysha's POV

Saiyer gets up snd gets ready for work , while Samir and I watch Tv in Me and Saiyers bedroom.

" i love Digimon !" Yells playfully Samir , making the sounds the tv makes . I laugh and start to tickle him .

"Lets digifuse !" I say ,

We start play fighting Digimon style and i fling him all around in the air . When Saiyer comes back in he dives on the bed and starts playing with us for awhile .

As some time passes , he stops stalling and gives me a kiss on my forehead and swing Saiyer around the room.

" i gotta go , love you two ! " he says sweetly , then he leaves

For the rest of the day me snd Samir just hang out and watch the whole 2nd season of Digimon .

Dalliyann POV

I get into Jazmines car . I decided to wear A plain gray shirt with tight fitted Nike sweats and my Retro 5's.

" hey babe " jazmine says as she starts driving

" hey" i say sadly

" whats wrong ?" She asks , looking over at me .

" eyes on the road !" I yell as we almost hit a parked car

" oh shit!" She swerves around it , just in time .

Theres silence for a little while until we get to a red light.

" so whats wrong Dalliyann?" She ask really concerned

" zanee .. Quashawn... Alaysha ,.. Im alone in the house ... My job !! just everyhing " i say trying to hold in my tears

" rest Zanee's soul hun .. But atleast shes in a way better place . " jazmine says rubbing my back .

" and as for Quashawn? May he burn in hell !" She screams as the light turns green and she floras it all the way to the Skating Ring .

" but Alaysha_"

" shes in gods hands. God got her . Alright babes? "

I shake my head yes and force a smile .

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