The truth or just lies?

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Kat's POV

I was already at school when Team crafted walks up "Kat you need to know the truth"Ty says as i look at them "when i said that i had though...Tyler do it i know shes your best friend but you don't want to have to loose her" Tyler says as i am just standing here not buying i "Ya ok..." i say as i walk away "Stop lying Tyler" i say as i walk into class -time skip- i was heading

home when Tyler came up to me "Kat i wasn't lying i promise"he says "ok Tyler if i believe you will you stop following me?" i ask as he nods and hugs me "I missed my best friend"i say "me have youtube?" he asks as i nod "Skype me we could record "he says handing me his Skype name as i nod and head home and call Tyler on Skype "Your doing intro" i say as he nods and we start recording "Hey guys Tyler here with..." he trails off and i scream "KATGAMING!" As he covers his ears "R.I.P headphone users" he says as i laugh and we continue "Were playing uh Kat what r we playing "Tyler asks as i groan "Hunger games!" i say as he nods in Skype and continues -time skip-"well that was Hunger games with the brotity and surprisingly he won" i day "BYE GAMERS BII" I scream and end it i look at the time it was 12:25 am "night Tyler" i say as he waves good bye and we hang up and i go to sleep 'Today was not as bad as i thought' i think but i also thought that too soon...

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