iv. who we are

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the bullet • in this story represents a change of POV


"Sarah, don't!" They shouted. And all I did as a reply was pull the tablecloth harshly from the buffet table.

I ripped my sash off. "Prom Princess" it said. I threw it to the ground. My heart was beating a little too fast. Everything was a blur. I was on the verge of tears.

I unhooked a mirror from the wall.

Sarah lifted the crystal and glass mirror high into the air.

"This," she said in a trembling voice. "Is for everyone who was forced into doing something they have never wanted to do.

This is for the kids who want to cry and scream and freak the fuck out because they can't deal with people but have to present in front of a crowd.

This is for the kids who want to curl up into a ball and want to die because they were bullied since forever and just want to escape.

This is for the kids who do the best they can, but is never appreciated.

This is for the kids who won't speak, because nobody ever listens to them.

This is for the kids who do what they love in secret, because no one will care about what they can do.

This is for those with a beating heart, who don't want it to.

This is for those who want to break down and cry so bad, but are trying to hold it together.

This is for those who want to rip their tuxes and dresses from their bodies and dress in jeans and ratty old sneakers and live life the way they want to.

This is for those who love, but aren't loved back.

This is for those who want to do something their own way, but never get to.

This is for those who can't get a grip, hanging by a thread on the cliff of reality.

This is for the kids who want to be who they are, but can't."



The mirror shattered into a thousand sparkling pieces.

Reflected in those pieces were the hundreds of students, open-mouthed and shell-shocked.

Slowly, very slowly, a girl in a blue frilly dress undid the beautiful updo that looked like it took hours to do. Sarah wiped her eyes, leaving a trail of black and gold makeup on her face.

The girl in the frilly blue dress was followed by the rest of the kids. Removing bowties, unpinning corsages, stepping out of sparkling heels. The kids have had enough.

The kids who want absolutely nothing to do with what everyone expects them to.

The kids who want to be successful on their own, but can't, because no one will believe they could.

The kids who can't stand up for themselves, the kids who want to be who they are...but will never be able to.

The kids who are held back from what they can do.

The kids who are ignored by the people they like, and is confused about what they have done.

The kids who are doing something they don't want to, who are on the verge of breaking down, but can't.

Sarah blinked, not expecting anyone to actually support her.

I raised my fist.


i am eternally proud of this. no words.

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