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Brittany's POV

Ed let Lou and Lux to enter our room to fix Ed's make-up, hair, and outfit while Lux and I played.

"Awr yo Eddie's girwlfwend?" Lux asked me. But before I can answer, Ed beat me to it and aswered Lux question, "Lux, she will be my girlfriend. Sooner or later she will be my fianceè and then I'm gonna marry her and have kids. Do you want a playmate? Cause someday, we'll gonna have some babies." I blushed furiously while Ed winked at me. Lux clapped her hands and kept chanting "Oh yes, yes!" Lou just shook her head while chuckling. "There's baby here and she's too young for this crap, you pink ginger headed panther!" I screamed. That just made them laugh harder. Oh, joy!

When Ed's done with his look, Lou grabbed my arm and seated me on the chair. "What do you want now?" I asked nervously. "Make up time!" She cooed. "No make up for me, evil step-mother!" I stubbornly said and crossed my arms. Ed chuckled and said, "Come on, Britt. For me?" with a puppy eyes. "No!" I said bluntly. He just stick his lower lip more and batted his eyelashes. "Aghhh! I can't resist you and that puppy face!" I screamed. I do a lot of screaming this day. "So, it's a yes babe?" Ed asked hopefully. "Yes." I sighed in surrender. Ed cheered and pecked me on my lips. "My innowcent eyes!" Lux let a out a very high pitched scream. We all laughed at her and muttured, "Sorry, baby."

After pokes, "ouches" and "standstills", we are finally done. I'm free! Horay! Lemme tell you about my look. I have a flowercrown on my hair, a purple skater skirt, a white top and a pink flats. Lou just put little make-up to finish my look. And walla! The queen Starbucks was tranformed into a dainty princess. I hugged Lou and Lux and thank Lou for my make-up as we exchange our goodbyes.

I caught Ed staring at me. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked him curiosly. "Because you're beautiful, I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simple pleasures of existence." (A/N Lol. TFIOS.) Ed said while smirking. I laughed. "Where did that came from?" I can't help but snort. "I heard you making muffled noise while I'm in the shower during that line so I decided to give you the experience." He said. I felt heat creeping on my cheeks. "Oww, is wittle bwittany bwushing?" Ed teased and pinched my cheeks. I barked at him, "Not funny, idiot."

It's already 7:30 pm and the driver will come and fetch us in 2 minuites. "Where will I seat?" I asked Ed. "Front row, middle chair love." Ed smiled. "Really?! I dont wanna deal with screaming fans!" I protested. "As if you are not gonna scream." He said, mocking my voice. "No. I'm not gonna scream 'Wohoo Ed Sheeran!' I will only go fangirl if you are performing with One Direction and 5SOS." I said while pointing my index finger to him. "Oh, we'll see." Ed said and held up his hands in surrender.

Peep Peep!

"Come on babe" Ed said while carrying his guitar and snaked an arm in my waist. I rolled my eyes at his actions.

"ED SHEERAN! WE LOVE YOU!" A large group of girls screamed as we got down from the Limo. Ed just waved at them with a giant smile. 4 security guards went to protect our clothes from being ripped by the fans. They gently push the girls and let Ed and me walk. Damn, it's was like I'm in the The Walking Dead episode. Soo many zombies screaming!


Ed told me to wait in the dressing room so here am I while he's doing some warm ups at the other room. Someone knocked at door. That gnome didn't wait for me to open the door. He just opened it without my permission. A head poked at the door. I recognized a blondie haired Irishman. "NIALL!" I squeeked like a baby. "Umm..." Niall stammered. "Well, hello to you too." I rolled my eyes. "Brittanypleaselookoveratdemiwhilewereperformingandbenicetoher." Niall said in one breath. "You know, I will  understand what you said if you say it again slowly." I sassed. "I said, please look over at Demi while we are performing and be nice to her." Niall said in a pleading tone and... puppy eyes? Dude. Lemme tell you some thing. You will instantly melt when you see the face of this little man infront of me. "Sure." I said mindlessly. Niall instantly wrapped his arms around me and murmured a thank you before prying himself off of me.


I spotted Demi sitting alone along the hall way, I went to tap her shoulder. "What?" She snapped. "What's with the attitude, missy?" I can't help but snap back even tho Niall's word kept chanting on my mind. "Oh shut your mouth and tell me where my chair is located." She said in a very furious tone while staring at her Barney themed nails. What I thought about her awhile ago was just so wrong. I need to discuss it to my girls later on the party after the concert. "I'm waiting." She snapped again. I ignored her and kept walking to my designated chair. She follows me while tapping at her phone. We arrived at our chair and spotted my girls with two vacant chairs on the middle and on the side of El. I sat down at the middle and greeted my girls with a queeny wave. They smiled at me and playfully bowed. "Hey. Demi, right? I'm Perrie." Perrie offered an arm to her but she just ignored it and fixed her hair. Perrie just retreated her arm in confussion. "I'll tell you later." I mouted to them. They just nodded and gave Demi a dirty look.

Ed finally gave an appearance and the crowd roared. I just chuckled at his fake shock face as he said, "Okay. Shh. Calm down, loves." The crowd went silent but not that silent.  "Umm. This first song is dedicated to someone who stole my heart in a few days. Don't hunt her, okay? She makes me happy." The crowed roared and chanted "Edtanny! Edtanny!" What?! They ship us?! "Brit, come to the stage please?" Ed said to the mic. A guard came to escort me to the stage. As I stood, the girls gave a massage on my back like I'm gonna fight someone. Demi snickered, "I wish you trip on the way." The hell! Is she the bestfriend of  the bitch we just  scared at Nando's? "Come on." The guard who has a baldy hair demanded. "Okay baldy." I said. He just rolled his eyes.

They made me sit in a stool. Dude, it freaks me out. I felt bajillion eye balls on making holes on my skull. Ed squeezed my hand and smiled for assurance. The crowd went crazy and I blushed. I swear, camera flashes are everywhere. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the girl who I just met for a while but stole my heart and she dont want to bring it back which I'm happy for, Brittany Coles!" Ed grinned at me. My eyes widend. He fell for me? I was snapped at my thoughts when Ed started strumming his precious guitar. I knew this tune. Little things by One Direction. He sung the verse one. The next part was sung by someone. No, it's not just someone. I think it's a group of boys. Ed saw my confusion and smirked, "Come out lads!" And there. Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Harry Styles,Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson came out of nowhere. Is this a dream? A tear slept on my eye. Ed went to wipe it away and hugged me as the boys continued the song. He racked us back and forth. When the song ended, the boys came to me for a group hug. Wow. I thought this will just happen in a dream. "Hands off of my girl." Ed whined like a baby. "Stop being a kill joy. I'm having the time of my life." I snapped back. The boys chuckled and pulled away. Ohh shit. I forgot we are on the stage. Soo many fans were screaming. Some are booing. It makes me uneasy. "Can I just sing for Brit alone?" Ed asked the crowd. "Yes yes yes yes!" They chanted. The boys muttured see you later. Ed started to play his guitar again. He was facing me and looked straight to my chocolate brown eyes. He started singing Kiss Me. It makes my hearth ache in a good way. The butterflies were everywhere. Some tears slipped down with happiness. I was thankful for heading to Starbucks at that time. He ended the song.  He put his guitar away and made it sit on the side of the stool. He came to hold my hands and looked at me directly in my eyes. "Will you be my girlfriend, Brittany." I was shocked at first and my brain cant process what he said. "Answer her, Brittany!" My girls shouted in unision. I nodded my head and said, "My pleasure, Teletabby." And then he dipped his head and my lips met his. The crowd cheered. Some even wolf whistled. It's official. My head screamed. 


OMG! Edtanny is now official. Waaahhh! And that Demi isnt Demi Lovato. It's the name of my frienemy. Muwahaha! I'm so evil!

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