"Are you really gonna give $50 000?"
"Nope... I will have it with me, but won't hand it over. I'm gonna get Gemma and run." "Harry you should have police for backup. It might not be easy to get away." "Jaiden trust me I will be fine."

"I-Im just so scared." "I promise I will come back with my sis and nothing will happen." said Harry giving me a tight hug. "Kay call me if ya need anything." "Alright." ---

Harry's POV: I was in a middle of no where. Just an empty road and trees everywhere. I had a pocket knife as my weapon and the suitcase which I had to give.

I was shaking but no I'm not scared well... maybe. I was waiting and waiting and nobody was here. I heard my phone buzz and of course it had to be 'I.'

I- Leave the money.
H-Wtf we had a deal. You give me Gemma first and then the money b*tch.

I-Well if you don't leave the money then Gemma will be the one getting her neck sliced open. Want a pic Styles?

H-Don't you dare hurt her! Who are you? What do you really want? I know it's more than money.
I-How sweet your offering me more.
H-Stop your shit and speak!

I-Well you are the one who ruined her life and now I'm taking what matters to you most just like you took what mattered most to me.

H-Who the f*ck are you talking about? Her? Say it god dammit
I-Who do you think I am? If you were smart enough then you would know exactly who Im talking about. Here's a hint... She loved you.

H-Isabelle.... I, stands for Isabelle. How could I not know that? No shes dead. Who are you? Your not her!
I-Do you wanna meet her?
H-Yes I do. Wait no... How is she alive?

I-Meet me tomorrow at midnight and Gemma and Isabelle will be in front of your eyes. I need the money as well...
H-Wait no! F*ck you. I came all the way here.

"God I'm in real shit now. I should call Jaiden. Shes probably going crazy." "Hey Jaiden." "Harry! What happened?" "I got ditched. Thats what happened. I don't know who they are, but I have to meet them tomorrow midnight and Gemma will be there and I still have to bring the money."

"Your hiding something. Why would they make you come here for nothing?" "Fine I can't lie to you. They just wanted me to go through because they found it amusing and shit." I couldn't tell her about Isabelle... "Really? Wow that's so childish. Just come home.

I don't know what to say to your parents. The excuse you said won't work now since they made me take them to Andrea and now there asking so many questions. Harry what do I do?" "What?! Okay I'm coming. I will handle it." ---

"Where is Gemma?!" said Harry's mom frowning. Harry was silent. I guess he had no words to say and planned nothing. We had to say the truth. No way we were gonna get out of this now.
"Mum... dad... Gemma got kidnapped." said Harry. I watched as his parents were frozen. I couldn't tell if they were angry or worried.

"WHAT WHO TOOK HER? WHERE IS MY LITTLE GIRL?" "Mum, me and Jaiden were at the park and fans came up so we got too caught up and when we looked after, she was gone and I got a anonymous text and it said they have her. I have to go today at midnight to get her..."

"If you never met this girl! None of this would have happened." said his dad angrily. "She has nothing to do with this! Stop blaming Jaiden." said Harry yelling. "This is not the time to be angry. Gemma needs us!

Stop it. I also don't like her, but I don't think it's her fault." "Mum, are you kidding? I don't give a f*ck anymore! I'm gonna get Gemma back and then me and Jaiden are outta here forever just like old times."

"Harry don't say that. They need you, especially your mom." I said in a whisper. "Jaiden don't you get it. I care but they don't. After this matter is solved, then we are all going back to our own lives." said Harry seriously. "Don't leave me again." said his mom getting tears.

I saw Harry feeling a little bad, but still manage to keep a straight face. I know he's upset but I guess if his parents don't like me in any way, he's gonna have to accept it. It hurt me in the start, but I'm mostly over it. I tried and that's all that matters.

"Um Jaiden let's go to your place and sort this situation." I nodded my head, seeing his parents mad yet worried giving me the worst looks. I saw no one home and that was good at the moment.

Harry went and sat on the couch with his face buried in his hands as I heard a few sounds. He was crying. Harry was crying. I went and sat beside him as I put my arm around him seeing him cry. He looked up at me with red, puffy eyes.

"Everything will be okay." I said with a small smile. He just buried his head into my neck crying as I rubbed his back letting him cry. Even Harry Styles will cry. Won't always be smiling and laughing like we think. "I just don't know what to do." he finally spoke.

"What do you think you should do?"
"I know I have to get Gemma back, but what does this person want? This is all my fault. Also my parents hate me even more because all the things I said. I really love you Jaiden and can't take how much they hate you for no reason.

My mum is becoming more ill. She shows herself to be fine, but really she's dying in the inside. Now that Gemma is lost she's more worried and stressed than ever and that isn't good for her. I have to get her back."

"You will get her back. Your mom will be fine I'm sure. I'm coming with you and we will get her back together." ---
It was midnight and we drove to the place 'I' told us to go. Harry told me to stay in the car and I did as he told. We were in a open abandoned area which had nothing but land. It was so dark that it made me feel a little creeped out.

I saw Harry standing with the suitcase and soon a car came and a person came out. From the body structure it seemed to be a guy. He was wearing a black hoodie and if I saw properly he had some shades and of course he had Gemma holding her hand.

"Gemma!" yelled Harry. "Wait there Styles. Hand the money over first than you get her." "Fine. But now I know you lied, Isabelle is dead. I know because she died in front of my eyes. You have your money now let Gemma go."

"Yeah I did and you should know. Haha you listened to my little lie, well that sucks for you because Gemma is gonna die right in front of your eyes." he said taking out a gun holding it against her head as she shook, crying.

"You cheated, you sick jerk! Gemma nothing will happen. I know he would never hurt you. Please let her go. What did she ever do to you? Kill me instead." "No, no that's not how it goes. Isabelle died and nows its her turn. It's all your fault shes gone."

"What? I never did anything to Isabelle. She had cancer and died. I loved her more than words could describe! How are you related to Isabelle anyway?" "You really don't know? Does the name Conner ring a bell?" "What? Your her brother...

She never talked about you because of how much of a psycho you were, well are one I should say! She wouldn't be proud of what your about to do." "She did have cancer, but you killed her without her peacefully dying on her own!"

"Where did you hear that from? I never killed her. She was in the hospital bed right in front of me." "You know what I'm ending this. Say goodbye to Gemma." "NO PLEASE!" And that's when a gunshot fired hearing one scream and blood dripping out in the end...

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