Chapter 2: Pregnant?

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Harry's POV

"Harry, when do we need to tell our parents about my pregnancy?" Hayley ask, Ohhhhhhh.... I really forgotten that! How and when do we need to tell our parent?

"Maybe on your birthday?!" I said (Hayley's birthday is on September,29 and today is August so few weeks but i'm just going to pretend that it's already September)

Hayley's POV

I'm still nervous what do my parents gonna do to me when they found out that i'm pregnant? My hands are so sweaty as fuck. (sorry for that word but expect more of that on the following chapter) On the way to my parents flat, Harry's hand are on my tights, "Hays (pronounced as Hayes) don't be so nervous, if they pushed you out, i'm here to support you and our baby don't worry" Harry said confidently "Ok, i really don't know what do my parents will say to me, will they say " it's ok honey we'll help you" or " GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU'RE NOT MY DAUGHTER ANYMORE!!!!!!!" Haz, what I'm gonna do?" I said crying.

"We're here!" Harry said waking me up

"KK, just calm the fuck down Hays" i thought myself cause I'm sweating really hard bro, do you know what is the feeling of Telling your parents that you did something in their favorite vase? Well this is so complicated bro more the Broken vase. I will say to my parents that, there's a human living in my womb, isn't that complicated. I knew what my parents gonna do to me. Knock knock

"Mom?, Dad?" I said

Oh darling, where've you been?" Mom said

"Mom, Dad i have an announcement" i said

"What is it darling?" Mom

"Mom, Dad I'm pregnant with Harry Styles' Baby" i said looking on my feet, I'm still waiting for "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE" but no one came

"Oh dear, how many weeks are you now?" Mom said wow



Sorry for the very short and shitty chapter 😅 If i would get 50 read i will be making a longer chapter, i promise i will update if i get 5 or more reads or 5 votes. Please someone give me a awesome name for Hayley, please please

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