Almost Heartbreak

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Brittany's POV

After the lunch fiasco, me and Ed headed to his hotel but they had a hard time removing my hands to my girls while I'm crying like I'm gonna lost my children and screaming, "Elenour, take care of your sisters. Mama will be back for a while. Okay? I love you so much. And change Perrie and Kendal's diapers". Lol. I heard that in a movie where a mom is being seperated from her daughters so I copied it but I changed the names, of couse. The girls just gave me a wierd look.

We arrived at his hotel and his room made me drool. It has a very very big flat TV, a California King bed and you can see the London Eye in his window. Ed just chuckled at me. That rich teletabby ginger headed popping star!

Ed went to the shower while I layed on Ed's bed and opened the TV. It made me a hard decision to choose what movie will I watch. Nemo, Titanic, The Notebook, Toy Story, The Fault In Our Stars, The Amazing Spiderman 2... Wait, what!? The Fault In Our Stars?! OMG. I didn't know there was a movie of it. I only read the book tho. Ohh... I'll watch this.

25 minuites after, I'm litteraly shaking because I'm so flattered when Gus said, 'Cause you're beautiful blah blah blah' to Hazel Grace. I'm screaming with a pillow in my mouth so Ed wont hear me.

Ed finally came out of the shower. I looked at him. His towel was hung dangerously in his waist, his tatoos were fully exposed. His hair was dripping water droplets in his forehead down to his chest to his stomach. I noticed that he didn't have abs but he's still macho. Ed cleared his throat and said, "Like what you see, babe?", he smirked. I felt heat in my cheeks and I hid my head on pillow. "Eew, Ed! My innocent eyes!" I screamed. "You are the one who is checking me out, bae." Ed said. "Oh, sorry for checking you out because you only wear towel." I said in sarcasm. I speak very fluent sarcasm. God Almighty gave it to me and I am very thankful. Ed laughed and changed, I hope. I'm still not ready to be flowerized. (Flowerized -another word for Brittany's Dictionary.)

"I'm done!" Ed cheered. I opened my eyes to see Ed in a boxer. Only in a boxer. "ED JERKY SHEERAN! MY EYES! AHH!" I screamed and covered my eyes for my safety.  Ed removed my hands and said, "It's okay. Lou Teasdale will be here in an hour and she has my proper clothes for my concert." He hugged me and the butterflies appeared in my stomach. The simple pleasures of existence. We watched the movie for awhile. I snuggled to the side of Ed when they are in the pre-funeral of Gus. That is when I cried again. I'm dramatic, you know. This just made Ed to hug me tighter than before.

I heared a knock on the door. OMG. "Peter Van Hauten's gonna kidnap me! Hide me, Ed!"  I scream-whispered to Ed. Ed just went to open the door and slowly revealed a woman with a blonde hair with her bag holding a little girl. I relaxed and exclaimed, "Thank God, you weren't Peter Van Hauten!" The woman just chuckled and said, "Well, hello to you dear." I smiled warmly to her and proceeded to the little girl which is named Lux. While playing with Lux, I eavesdropped the converstion of Lou and Ed. "Are you sure you are okay now?" Lou asked to Ed. "No, I'm still getting over at Athina." Ed answered her. Athina?! Who the hell in the universe is Athina?! Is she a royal vampire princess? Or an Alpha's niece?! Maybe she's a fairy. Or maybe she's a girl hobo. Oh my God. My heart sunk like Titanic. It hurts. It's like I'm being stabbed by 1000 sharp knives at the same time. Ed's just using me to get over at that Athina chick. I'm so tired of someone who is just playing with my heart. It's so annoying!

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I was on the way to my boyfriend Jake's house for our 2nd monthsary. We planned to have a movie night at his house because his parents are gone for a week. I parked my car at the front gate and headed straight to his room without even bothering to knock at their door 'cause I have their key. While I was walking to the corridor, I heard a faint moan. My heart's pumping blood too fast. When I reached the door, I opened it and praying to God that what I was thinking about that faint moan at the corridor was just a ghost moaning. A ghost moaning?! What the hell! I opened the door widely so I can see what's happening. Everything was blurr. All my mind can explain was Jake was hovering a blondie and they are naked. Yes, NAKED! They didn't saw me. Jake kept pumping. My voice gets back and screamed, "JAKE, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! THAT WAS YOUR PLAN FOR OUR 2ND MONTHSARY?! TO BANG A BLONDIE BIMBO?!" Jake just smirked and calmly removed himself from the blondie who just smirked evily at me. "Brittany, you are so dumb. I'm just using you to get over her but she came back to me, so I dont need you now. You are just a toy for me now shoo!" He said while pushing me out of his room and close it infront of my face. Ouch. That hurts. It's like a stab in my heart. Every word hurts like hell. That's when I'm afraid to fall in love again.

I came back to the world and saw Lux shaking me. "Aw yow owkay?" she said. I wiped my tears and gave her a sad smile and nodded. "I'll be coming back for you later okay?" I said while grabbing my beanie on the bed and fixing it to my hair. "Ump. Owkay Bwitanney." She said. I headed to open the door but only stopped Ed grabbing my arm. "Where are you going?" Ed asked. "To escape from your stupid game." I spat at him. "What game, Brittany?" he asked again but has an evident of being pissed in his voice. "Yo--" I was being cutted by Lou excusing herself and Lux to us. I just nodded and she gave me a simphaty look and left.

"Continue." Ed commanded. "You will use me to get over at that Athina chick. When she come back to you, you will dump me and say that I'm just your toy!" I screamed.

"What are you talking about Brittany? I will not use you and I will never dump you for Athina. Athina and I are over. It's been 3 months since we broke up. The only thing is that I'm still getting over at her but Brittany, I'm falling in love with you. I swear, I love you! I will love you like you wanna be loved, Brittany! There's no way that I'm gonna dump you for the girl who dumped me for someone!" My jaw dropped. Did he just said that he love me? I am so stunned at his words. My heart melted. I wiped my tears and  said, "I love you too, popping star. I love you too." He kissed me and I kissed him back passionately.


Brittany's flashback story and especially Ed's speech made me cry. Huhuhu! Btw, Ed's concert will be at the next chapter. 

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