Chapter 07 - The One Directioner's.

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'What would you like to feast on ?' Graddy adressed.

'Three  cheese pizza, Apple cranberry stuffed pork chops, tuna noodle, slow cooker roast, and chickenspinach soup with fresh pesto. And and and....' Everyone paused when Noah blabbered rapidly.

'And dobos torte as dessert.'  he concluded.

Graddy grew pale and nervous.

Noah held'over her hand and said 'I'm in for your chilli steak sandwiches 'princess'.'

She sighed and slammed his head.

After the dinner we went to our room.

As the cottage was quite small with just two rooms and one store. We had to share the room.

Noah spread his legs and dozed off in the bed.

'Good night, sister.'

There was just one single cot in the room and my brother was snoozing in there.

I managed myself with the floor mattress.

I woke up the next day, Noah's hand dangling down the cot, still deep in sleep.

I was hungry.

When i wake up late in the morning, I'm hungry as a wolf.

I went searching graddy all where.

But couldn't find her.

I went out in the garden, with my pyjamas on.

And found her landscaping.

I hugged her from behind and kissed her cheecks.

'Good morning graddy'.

She looked pink and her apron turned muddy.

'Good morning baby.'  smiling at me.

I kneeled down to help her gardening and stuff.

'Give me two minutes, your loaves will be ready.'  she told, streaming on the plants.

'Umm.. you mind if I can have a little walk around ?' I intoned.

'Walk ? Well, sure. But have the loafs first.'

'Ohh, I'll take care of that. Byee. '

'Bye and come sooon.'

I called Noah down aloud. He didn't respond.

I was hungry.

I took two loaves in hand and left for a walk around the town with my pyjamas on.

The wind was super crazy. It was such an arid place.

Of course it should be. I'm curved in the bay.

I eyed on different types of housing.
The chattel house, the conch house, a hanok which is a Korean traditional house.

I walked a little in front and found a chalet bungalow. It can sustain the whole town. It was that huge.

It looked so beautiful. Wish, I had a living there.

I walked along the shore and found people playing volleyball on the beach.

I wanted to dive into the sea.

But I was again hungry, that I could eat up a whole horse.

I found myself in front of Nando's after a 40 minutes walk.

I entered  and found very few people in.

I queued myself to order.

Was standing there like for ages trying to decide what to eat. I swear I could have eaten the whole menu.

Everyone's eye  caught a club of loud boys entering the Nando's.

As said there were little population inside. So two or three girls running around them with notepads and cameras.

I finally decided on a bacon burger.

'How hot would you want it ma'am?' The counter girl questioned.

'Umm.. mild one. Thanks' I replied back.

'Mild ? Oh common, you can do better than that. Make it extra hot.'

An unfamiliar voice crippled from behind.

I turned around to find a boy with a huge grin on his face.

He actually looked cute.

But right now he was just a stranger to me.

'Excuse me ? Do I know you ? ' I looked at him and asked.

'Seriously girl ? You must be kidding me! ' he exclaimed.

I'm sorry, but don'tknow you. ' I defended and turned to the  counter girl and said 'A mild one please ?"

"Hey hold on!' he interrupted again.

'I hope you would like to get to know about me.' He told politely.

'Hi! This is Zayne Malik.' he adressed.

'And I'm Lin. Lindy Stalwart.' 

'Pleasure to meet you. You would want to try my challenge ?  Wouldn't you ?" he asked.

I looked over the counter girl, who looked confused and told 'Extra hot ones please'

He took me to their booth and introduced me to Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis.

They were the 'One Directioners'.

It was not that popular in Australia. So I had very little clue about bands and stuff.

And to the more I was in my bed time pyjamas standing right in front of the five 'extra hot' boys.

'You're not among those running behind us for autographs and photographs. That's strange!" Niall thought to himself.

"Umm sorry, but I  have no much clue about One Direction. You guys put up very little shows here.' I told in despair.

'Ohh well yeah. You found a reason. " Zayne winked.

Out of the five. Trust me, Zayne was the cutest. I wanted to hug him tight right there. But I didn't take a shower yet. I wondered!.


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