Red Velvet Naver Messages - IRENE

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Dear Irene,

From Seulgi: Unnie~ You know that I do even though I don’t say it right? I you keke. Now is the start so fighting (We’ve know just begun so fighting!!!)!!! You’re the leader so it must be hard for you~ We will follow (listen to) you well~ Thank you~

From Wendy: Unnie! Let’s be together as Red Velvet until the end! This (my) heart will not change until the end..!! Thank you always (forever)!  I love you~!

From Joy: Unnie! You’re like an unnie, friend, and younger sister! You’re always honest with your words! I know it~~ Like our lyrics in Happiness while doing “Oh my good daughter,” look at me prettily (nicely)! I love you~~


Translation credit to LuWind @ RVG

A/N: So here's the Naver Messages for Irene. :)

Next is for Seulgi. :)

~~> EynJey <~~

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