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Maddison shivers as she walks home from her late night volleyball practice. This is the fourth time her dad has forgotten to pick her up. Shes gotten used to the dark cold and unusually quite streets.

"Hello Maddie," said an unfamiliar voice. "nice to finally see you again."

Maddison spins around in fear. The boy grabs her by the arm and pushes her gently to the wall of the building.

She looks into his green/hazel eyes and melts. Something about his tan skin, and the way his jawline bent, reminded her of somewhere safe, of somewhere home.

Every single ounce of fear gone. Just like that.

He brushed her ash blonde hair from her face. Looked into her pale green eyes. And slower than Maddison thought possible he lowered his red lips to her pink ones. And as they touched she felt her eyes tear up, her muscles loosen. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He had one hand on her back and one gently placed on her neck. He started trailing kisses down her jawline, neck, and collarbone. She whimpered.

He looked up at Maddison, said "I've missed you" and left.

She never saw him again.

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