chapter 5

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Jennifer POV

The next day I woke up without the help of hunter. And got dressed I was in a good mood and couldn't think about anything but Collen ya. Soon after I was ready hunter came into my room and was surprised to see me up and ready. "Wow are you okay who woke you up?" He asked. "Me I can't wait to see Baba!" I screamed existed we left the house together I was feeling down because Baba didn't come to walk me to school. "Hey stop being a buzz kill. You know something that guys really hate but makes them want you more?" Hunter asked I just shook my head no. "Act as though your mad at him try not to smile at him and try to stay as far away as you can. Make him feel like crap so he runs after you." Hunter said smiling and nodding we walked into the school and the first thing I saw was Baba talking to a girl I know he would never cheat on me he was to sweet for that. He turned around and gave me that perfect smile of his. I was about to smile but turned my head away like I was mad at him and walked off not even saying hi. That's how the day went and then it was time for lunch yes I was hungry so I got a apple and a hotdog and sat down. Then Baba sat down next to me and I stood up not even looking at him and started walking away to find a different place to sit this hurt me but I'm not letting up. "Jennifer did I do something to upset you you've bin avoiding me all day?" Baba asked and I turned around to see his lovely face and sat down. "Collen?" I asked as if he was waisting my time. "Why are you acting like this ?" He asked with a frown on his face this is the first time I've ever seen him frown he was always smiling. I turned my head away but he took my chin and turned my head making me face him. His face was really close to mine and I pushed for words trying to kiss him but he pulled back and smirked. What the heck was that about. "Your not mad at me you were going to kiss me just now. Even though I was tempted to kiss you I didn't who put you up to this?" He asked I smiled and hugged him at that moment I felt sparks wow that's new. I pulled away even though I didn't want too. "You felt that too didn't you?" Baba asked I shook my head and he seamed to look even more gorgeous than he already was to me. Then out of no were Alex shows up and puts his arms around me. Baba growled inhumanly at Alex and glared at him if glares could kill Alex would be rolling over in his grave about now. Out of no were Baba grabbed me and pulled me to stand behind him he put my arms around his waist and I blushed. He seamed so angry which I have never seen him this angry before. Alex went to reach for me but stopped when Baba possessively yelled. "Mine!!!!!!!!"

Collen's POV

Everyone was looking but I didn't care the mate bond has grown the first full moon since I met my mate is coming so now my wolf is acting up more and so am I. (Kick his weak ass no one should be able to touch her like that if not matted. let me do it come on!) my wolf said to me I didn't like the fact that he cussed but whatever. "What part of stay away did you not understand!" I yelled and then he Alex ran off like the wimp he was stupid. "B Baba are you okay your kinda acting different?" Jenn asked I sighed. "Jenn there is something important I must explain to you. We will talk after school at my place. " I said I was telling her not asking I wanted her to see her future home and I will have to tell her she is my mate.

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