Chapter One

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Hi everyone Tahaki Mota here.. You can call me Taki.. I'm 17 years old. I'm the eldest daughter of Maki and Talia Mota. They are business men and women. I have a younger brother, He's Grey Mota, 16 years of existence. Anyways, stop ta--

*Mianhe mianhe hajima naega--*

I answered my phone.

Yeoboseo?? Nuguseyeo? I answered to the other line.

Annyeong Taki ah. Its me Janella Park your one and only Bestfriend.. Tss. How dare you forget me... Yahh pabo! So its Janella whose calling.

Arasseo...Yahh stop with the scolding.. Whats up? Why'd you call?? With an annoying and questioning tone.

Want to go out to the mall? - Ella
Sure pick me up at 11 a.m - Me
Ok, bye Taki see you later. Ppyong - Ella. Then she hung up. I quickly change my clothes to black crop top with an ARMY font on it ( to all ARMY's this is for you. Im also an army. Back to the story) and army print pants paired with a hat and red converse.

I looked at the mirror. All done! - I said. Oh! Ding Dong! Ella's here.


Sorry guys!! for the late update!



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