Home lovin'

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It's been a whole month! Yasmin and Prince really made it! So as a gift Latoya, got the kids so that Prince and Yasmin can be "alone"👄💦👄💦👄

Prince: GOD, I MISSED YOU!!!

Yasmin:(hugs him ever so tightly) I MISSED YOU MORE❤️❤️

Prince:(pins her to the wall) Not as much as me.😍

Yasmin: Prince, I love you. I love you with all my heart.

Prince: Yasmin, I don't want to fight and lose you anymore. I can't live without you.

* A few hours of loving and kissing( take showers and change into different outfits)they go to the beach to have one of those long romantic walks on the sand and water.

Yasmin: I'm not going to lie, that was the worst month of my life. All of those nightmares and my baby wasn't there to protect me.

Prince:(hugs from behind) I always make my baby fell better.

Yasmin: Aww, I'll never get tired of this. My dreams came true everyday.

Prince: Well your dreams weren't alway a bucket of sunshine.

Yasmin: Yeah I know but as longs as I have you and the kids my life is cloud nine.

Prince: Wanna get some ice cream.

Yasmin: Yes! Prince?

Prince: Yes Princess,

Yasmin: I want a piggyback ride.

Prince:😀 Get your 4'11 my back

Yasmin: It would help if your 6'8 self would help.😃

Prince bends down and Yasmin jumps on his back, then goes to Dairy Queen.❤️😍💗💘😘

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