part 8

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Jacks story.

" Wait... Dad? " Elsa's eyes widened. Anna grabbed the phone. " Dad? " I heard muffled noises from her Dad , I tried to figure out what he was saying but I couldn't. Anna smiled. " What? No dad were in college! " Anna explained. " Well there is two more people with us jack and Rapunzel. " Anna gave Rapunzel the phone. " Hi uncle Richard! " She squeaked. " No, my hair got chopped off. "

" Oh yes! " She passed the phone to me and mouthed the words " He wants to talk to you! " I took the phone and talked to Elsa's dad.  "Hello."

" And who are you? How are you related to me? "

" I'm your son in law. "

" What wait which one did you marry? "

" Elsa "

" Wasn't expecting that "

" yeah "

" What college are you at? "

" Extraordinary college. "

" Well I shall come and see you! "

" Wait N- "

" Beeeeeeeep "

Elsa started to freak out when I told her that he was coming. It was time for break so we ran outside. " Hi you must be the new people its so nice to meet you! "

" Oh my god hi! "

" hi welcome "

" You'll love it here! "

Elsa's story.

" You'll love it here! "

People kept making a bigger crowd around us saying stuff and welcoming us. It was getting to big. " Let me see your gloves! " Someone said as she took them off. I tried to get them back but I couldn't see who took them through the crowd. The voices echoed through my head. " Stop it! " I yelled. They kept on talking to us. " STOP IT! " Ice shot through my hand creating a wall of solid ice. Everyone stared at me but Anna and Jack took my hand. Rapunzel stood in front of everyone and had her frying pan armed for anyone who tried to attack me. I let go of Anna and Jacks hands and ran off to my dorm. I locked the door. Jack unlocked the door and sat next to me on the bed. " Jack I can't stay here! Everyone thinks I'm a monster! " I sobbed. Anna came in the door and sat next to me. " Can we just leave? " I asked. Anna and Jack gave each other a look.

A few minutes later.

Rapunzel's story.

I walked into Elsa's room to see them all packing their bags. " Where are you going? " I asked. " Where going home, we can't stay here I'm a monster! " Elsa explained. I got out my suitcase from my room and packed it all up. We got out the window and walked all the way home.

Hours later.

Finally we got home. Jack unlocked the door. Elsa ran up to the room crying. Anna followed her. " Listen Rapunzel, nothing happened between us okay? You never kissed me and we never dated! okay. " Jack hissed at me as he ran after Elsa and Anna. I stood there alone in the middle of the room. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair had been chopped off and it was brown. " Flower gleam and glow,

Let your power shine,

Make the clock reverse,

Bring back what once was mine,

What once was mine... " I croaked. I looked up at the mirror and gasped. My hair was back. I held my hair and suddenly I had a vision.


" I love you, Rapunzel "

" I love you too, Jack. "

We laughed. We smiled. We held hands.

" What? "

" I'm sorry but I've met Elsa now and she's just perfect. "

They laughed. They smiled. They held hands.

I fell over from the vision causing me to knock the table over. Anna, Elsa and Jack came running down the stairs from the loud crash. " Punzie, your hairs back! " Anna yelled. I looked up at Elsa. " Punzie, Punzie can you hear me? " She asked. The only person that stood out was Jack. Why can't we still be together? Then suddenly Gothel appeared. " Mother? " I asked. Everyone looked at me weirdly. " Its just us here, Punzie. " Anna told me. Gothel was still there. I blinked had and everything was normal. I was lying on the floor the 3 of them looking at me. Elsa got me up and sat me down on the chair. " What happened? "

" Just had a vision. "

" Of what? "  I looked at jack. " Of mother Gothel. "

" Gothel isn't your mother. "

" Yes she is! "

" She's not your the lost princess! "

" Stop it! "

I ran out of the door and ran far away.

Anna's Story.

" Punzie, come back! " I yelled after her, but she had ran far away out of sight. " Why would she do that? "

" She's bound to come back, Anna. "

" How do you know that! "

" Anna don't shout at me its not my fault our cousins crazy out of her mind! "

I ran up to my room. I just wanted to be alone. I saw something in the corner of my eye underneath Elsa's pillow. I took it out. " A pregnancy test? " I looked closer. \\ = Pregnant. \ = Not Pregnant. There was \\ marked on the screen. I put it back and ran downstairs. " How could you not tell me? "

" What? "

" That your... pregnant. " I whispered the word pregnant in case jack heard. " Anna, don't tell jack! "

" I won't but you have to... today! "

" Fine " Elsa agreed. I ran back upstairs and waited and waited and waited.

Elsa's story.

Anna ran upstairs and Jack came out of the bathroom. " Jack I have something to tell you. "

" Sure what is it? "

" Its not that easy to say. "

" Come on tell me. "

" Just promise not to freak out. "

" Come on Elsa its not like your pregnant or something.  "

" ... "

" Elsa? Oh my god your pregnant aren't you? " I nodded my head. " That's amazing! "

" It is? "

" Yes! Were gonna have a family! " Anna came running downstairs. " You told him, you told him, you told you told you told him!! " She chanted. Jack laughed and looked at me. And just at that moment Rapunzel walked in. " Your having a baby? "

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