Levi x Reader

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~Please remember me~

~Flash back~

It was a stormy night a little figure lost out in the rain. "HELP PLEASE." the voice of a child echoed. A petite girl ran around her (h/c) hair sticking to her face her (e/c) eyes turned pinkish with tears streaming down her red cheeks. She looked around for a place to protect her from the rain. she found a passage to the underground and stayed there. Soaked the poor girl weaping recalling what had happened to her parents. "Mommy?Daddy? where are you?" the (h/c) girl looked around for her parents,however no reply."Mommy!!!Daddy!!!!!." tears started to stream down as she looked at her bloodied parents lying on the floor "No NO mommy daddy y-your just sleeping right r-right you promised you w-woudn't leave me!!". The girl stayed there crying over her parents when two males burst into her house "Idiot I told you not to kill them they could of been worth a lot." said a tall man " I'm sorry sir but look their child is here maybe she would replace them?" the other male behind him suggested. The taller man nodded "Fine just make sure you don't lose this one." The male grabbed a cloth from his back and gagged the girl. "No---" her plea muffled by the cloth as she struggled to get away from the strangers. Her vision getting blurrier. "Alright how about this one she's got beautiful (h/c) she would make a good slave." the girl woke up only seeing darkness. her hands bounded by rope, the cloth still covering up her plea. "mmmmp" she tried to talk "I'll take her off your hands with $100,000." That's when the girl felt her ropes feel lose the cloth that covered her mouth been replaced with a hand " sssh if they see that you escaped they'll punish you." a little boy's voice whispered into her ear as her cover for her eyes fall to the ground.She turned to thank the one that helped her but "HEY SHE'S ESCAPING GET HER NOW AND THAT BOY TOO!!" . The girl felt a shove "GO GET OUT IF HERE.'" said the boy as he was dodging the people who tried to get him. "HOW ABOUT YOU???" the girl yelled out to him " GO I'LL BE FINE." she nodded running out into the rain after a few minutes she made her way out of the building now she was lost out in a random place with no family.


Okay so this would be the first part I'm planning to do a second so if you want a second part please comment. Don't forget to commment vote and share this thanks see you in the next one <3

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