Was I really going to tell him?

I sat down on the bench, on the opposite side to Ashton and sighed. “It’s a long story”

“We’ve got time” He smiled back at me.

I turned to face him. “ I was diagnosed with Leukaemia when I was 9, and since then I’ve been on and off treatment, you know Chemo and Radio.”  I sigh, Ashton looks shocked but I keep going. “Hence the short hair” I run my fingers through it. “I hate it it-“

“It makes you look strong” Ashton interrupts me, looking me straight in the eyes.  I can’t help but blush as a smile creeps onto my lips.  I return his comment with a smile.

“The cancer has spread to my spine, I can’t remember the correct term... I can’t fight of viruses as well as others can or as well as I could because I don’t have the correct count of red blood cells, which effects something that helps people fight of viruses”

Ashtons still staring at me. “They doctors, don’t know how long I have left, I’ve been put back on the Chemo and Radiotherapy for the time being, but it makes me feel so bad” I sigh. “And that’s it” I try to out a genuine smile on my face, but it doesn’t work..

“woah” He sighs. “You wouldn’t know you’ve been through so much” He smiles, and it’s genuine.

“Thanks” I smile.  

“So.. do you want to come back to my place, we could watch some movies or something?” I ask awkwardly.

“Sure” He smiles.

We walk the last 5 minutes to my house in silence as there isn’t much to speak about. “So what’s your story?” I ask when we sit on the couch.

“My story? Well, I moved to the UK when I was 10, because my dad got transferred here with work. I don’t see him much because he’s working all the time, and my mum is still in Australia. I go to West bound high school and my best subject is Science” I says.

“I saw you in the hospital the other day” I quickly say, regretting it soon after.

“Yeah I was going for a check up on my knee” He points to his knee. “I was at the skate park on my bike, and fell.. Broke my knee in 3 places, they said it won’t be the same again, so it’ll always be stiff”  

“So you ride?”

“Yeah, not as much anymore because I don’t have the bike anymore, my dad refused to let me have it back again, he thinks it’s too dangerous”

I laugh. “To dangerous!?”

He nods.  “So what now?” he laughs awkwardly.

“What music do you like?”

“Mayday parade, greendasy, Nivana, blink182 stuff like that”

“Come up stairs!” I shout  and run up the stairs. Which was stupid. From time to time I forget I have Leukaemia and do things I used to. But it’s different now, I become out of breath  quicker and easier than before. I stop at the top of the stairs to get my breath back.

“Are you ok?” Ashton asks, sitting next to me on the stairs.

“Yeah” I breathe out, trying to get my breathing back to normal.

We walk into my room and I put Mayday Parade on, ‘if you see my friends’. It’s one of my favourite bands. My room compared to my music taste is so different. If someone saw my room they’d think I was into indie music. My room in covered in fake Polaroid photos hanging from string, and my walls are a pale blue colour, one completely white, covered in photos of my friends and family. It’s like a time line, you can see exactly when I started my treatment and when it ended. But you can also see when I lost some friends...

“This is my favourite” I say to Ashton as the chorus starts.  I sing along to the song quietly as I open my laptop. “If you see my friends tell ‘em Hi from me”

“Shit” I curse to myself slamming the lid of my laptop down.

“Woah what was that?” Ashton laughs, taking my laptop from me and opening it. “Ally oh my god” He laughs. “Really MagCon boys as your background!? I thought better of you!” He lsays inbetween laughter.

“They’re just really cool” I say shyly, laughing a long.

He continues to go through my laptop when suddenly he starts laughing again. “A tumblr blog! About them?”

“You wish it was you” I say, trying to sound serious, and playfully hitting his arm.

He nods along laughing.


“Do you.. er want to go out sometime?” Ashton says, before shutting the door behind him.

Me and Ashton satin my room all day listening to music and eating through half the food in my kitchen.  

“Er yeah sure” I smile.

Ashton takes my phone and puts his number in it and texting himself so he has mine.

“So I’ll text you? Yeah?” He smiles.

“See you around” I wave and smile and he walks away from my door. 

I quickly text Gemma.

To: Gemma

Sent: 6:07pm

Eeeeehhh I think I’ve got a date! Xx


Guys I’m sorry.. really slow update and this chapter is awful...  I suddenly got  a social life and idk how. Its me.

Also.. I’m away for 3 days so I can’t update because no internet..))


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