You and I *last chapter*

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"Look, I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry." JK was near to begging on the ground as I look at my hands and sigh.

"Look, this is the last time I'm saying this: I forgive you." I state simply. Before I get to look at him, his lips are on mine.

After a minuete, we break away, and I immediately wrap my arms around him. "I missed this." I whisper as I inhale his sweet vanilla-honey scent.

"I know." He whispers back.

~1 year later~

We were walking down the park in LA, hand in hand, when a pretty blonde called Karlos.

"Jakey!" Oh no. I look at him as he smiles at the girl and waves. "Hey Loren!" He turns to face me, still smiling.

"I'll meet you at the pond. I need to talk to her." Before I can protest, he's already running towards her, like he's going to grab her and kiss her passionately.

Okay, I've been watching way to many of The Notebook.

I sigh and walk towards the pond slowly, but I'm stopped halfway by the sound of a violin.

I frown and listen, walking towards the sound. Soon, it's accompanied by a sweet, angelic voice.

Ito ay umaga

At diyan ang gabi

Ang oras natin ay


I see JK in a...tux. And he's singing to me on a stage. I cover my mouth as joyful tears sting my eyes.

I understand now. The girl, the violin, him singing, the stage: a proposal.

When I reach the stage, he sets down the microphone. "Amber, I knew I would like you the moment I saw you. And even if I made some flaws, I love you. And so I ask you," he kneels on one knee. Oh my god. This can't be happening. No. No. No! Yes!

"Will you marry me?" I nod and hug him.

"Amber." "Yes?" I look at him, but he doesn't reply. He's frozen. "Amber?" Everything around me had stopped as if time slowed down. What's happening? "Amber!"

I wake up to my mom shaking my shoulders and gasp. "Amber, hurry up! You're gonna be late!" My mom puts a hand on her hip. "Wh-what? Late for what?" "Your audition for The Voice! Now, hurry up!"

I blink. It was all a dream. A fantasy. Or...was it.




*wipes away tears*

Ok, where to start? I want to just say that I had laughed when I realized I used to fangirl and freak out when I got 20 reads, and never expected that I would get thousands of reads. I want to say to all you marshmallows who are reading this cheesy note and hating me for ending it like that, thank you. Thanks so so so so much for supporting and encouraging me to write more and update faster. Your comments always made my day even if I would only get 1 comment on a chapter.

So thank you so much for helping me get through this book.

I would also like to give a special thanks to @RealisticWriting and @ShaneBarco for supporting this book the most. You guys are awesome!

Oh lawd it's getting emotional.

I really don't want to end this book, but all good books have a good ending, no matter how dumb it may seem. I love you guys so much, and I've learned that I had found my special, second family here in Wattpad, which is a joy everyone should feel.

So...I love you guys and thank you so much.


JKfanatic xoxoxo

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