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Falling. Falling. She couldn't stop falling. She tried to open her eyes but all was blue and blurry and it stung. Then she realised that she was holding her breath. In fact she had been holding her breath so long that she could hold it no longer. As she let out the breath quite quickly, the sudden cold surrounded her and froze her. Panicking, she began to flail her arms around, then her legs which felt like they had been slowed down so she could only move them at a snails pace. Soon she had run out of breath and tried to inhale this wet air around her out of desperation, only to find that when her lungs filled with it, she tried to cough but nothing happened. Strangely she felt a wave of calm wash over her. "This is what dying feels like." she told herself as she relaxed into pitch black.

"She's comin' round! Come 'ere 'nd gimme an 'and!" was all Neva heard as she began to come round. "Thats it sweetie, you take your time. Nobody's in any rush just relax." she heard another voice say. Then, "Now George, if you would like to hold her hand and talk to her, you can give the babies back to me and I will clean them up and finish checking them over, we don't want her to faint again at the sight of them." George obediently gave back his 2 new babies, though he felt a pang of sadness in doing so, and turned to his distressed and weak wife to comfort her but no words came from his mouth. He was so happy and delighted he couldn't say anything but hold her hand.

Neva was confused, babies? And who were all of these strange voices anyway? Who is George? What is that warm thing grabbing my hand? Neva decided, as awful as she felt, that she should open her eyes and discover the answers to her questions she so longed to know.

Nevas eyes peeled open slowly, they shut again suddenly, shocked by the bright lights. When she could eventually see clearly, her eyes found only a florescent tube lighting above her. The ceiling was white, or perhaps cream, and it was made up of those foam tiles. It then crossed her mind that, given she was looking at only the ceiling, that she must be lying down. Neva tried to move her head to get a good look at the room but the second she did an excruciating pain filled her head forcing her eyes closed and her head to drop back onto the pillow.

Somebody called "I'm just going to clean you up a bit, this may hurt but try to keep still." Neva heard the woman's footsteps walk over towards where she was lying. She remembered when she was little and had fallen and hurt her knee, somebody had said exactly the same to her and she had been a big girl and not cried, complained or moved aw

Nevas thought was suddenly interrupted as she sat up, screamed and kicked the woman for she had just been touched in some place that she never thought the woman, nor anybody else, would ever touch.

When she had recovered a little she observed the room, her head still throbbing. There were 3, no 4 women in white and blue uniforms in the strange and unfamiliar room. Two of them appeared to be holding packages wrapped up in white cloth, another was turned towards the wall holding her side and reassuring the other people that she was ok. The other was walking towards her and asking her to lie down and not to worry. Of course Neva was worrying, who wouldn't worry in her position she thought to herself. Neva shook off the nurses gentle but firm touch and said, "No.". As far as she knew, she didn't know why she had said no, other than that it seemed the right thing to say.

Continuing her survey of the room, she saw a man, shocked and speechless, Neva assumed he was middle aged, about 30 she guessed. Then she looked down at herself. "AHHH!" she was completely bare from the waist down, and there was a man in the room. Shuffling the covers quickly, she managed to cover herself up, but how long she had been like that she couldn't imagine.

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