Chapter 21-Dinner and kisses

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Hi guys.No theme for this chapter,just got inspired by some show :p

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<<<<Ariana's P.O.V.>>>>

Here i am having trouble picking an outfit.Im practically pacing back and forth.Why pick an outfit?you ask.Well today is my dinner date with Justin and i have no idea what to wear.

"Aha.Finally the perfect outfit.Not to casual and not to fancy,just right."I went in the bathroom and changed into;A Brielle silk sparkle dress and tie up sandals.And right on time the doorbell rung.I grabbed my purse and my phone,headed downstairs and opened the door.Justin,is looking great!.

"Uh.Ariana,I'm speechless.You look great!"He complimented

"Thanks.You look great too"I said as he intertwined our hands as i blushed.We walked to the car and headed to,who knows where.After about 10 minutes we stopped at a restaurant.We walked in hand in hand and sat down at an empty table.

"Here is the menu"A waiter said as he handed us the menu

"Hmm.I'll have a salad and an iced tea"I said

"I'll have the pasta and a coke"Justin said as we handed back the menu.Minutes later the waiter arrived with our food.

"Lets eat"Justin said as we started eating.I was distracted as a group of boys came in the restaurant.It was Jai,Luke,Beau and their two best friends.As they sat down i almost choked.I noticed a girl hand in hand with Jai.Did he really move on that fast?

Yeah,I'm the one who broke up with him but i did the right thing.Right?.

"Um.Excuse me i have to go to the bathroom"i got up and headed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror.

"Was braking up with Jai wrong or right?.Well now I'm probably regrett---No don't say those things Ariana,he's no good for you!"Great now im turning crazy,talking to myself.I walked out the bathroom and sat back down.I took a glance back at Jai,he and that girl were sucking each others faces.I cant bear the sight of this.I just continued eating trying to enjoy my night.


"This has been a wonderful night,Justin"I said as we stood up from our chairs.Jai was still here and every once and a while i would take a glance at him only to find him flirting with the same girl.

"Im glad,you liked it Ariana"We headed out the restaurant,and taking one more glance at Jai.He was staring at me and Justin.We headed to the car but Justins stopped me when i was about to go in.

"Ariana.I know we only met but i really really want to do this"He leaned in and the next thing i know he was kissing me.And i was kissing back

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