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today wasnt the best. it was my first day of highschool and honestly i just want to go home and cry while in bed and listen to one direction cause i dont have friends.

but instead i have to take the bus home in the pouring rain. oh what fun. (an: it is to ride ((lukes dick)) on a one horse open ((like my legs for luke)) sleigh)

oh. but the bus i need to take has 'broken down'. with my parents at work, no other bus to take, and no place to go, i was miserable.

i sunk further back into the cold metal bench and looked around. the only person insight was the teenaged boy with long ass legs and a lip ring who kept moving closer to me.

for my own safety, i moved away. he moved closer, i moved away. closer. away. closer. away.

"stop!" i said looking up at him. he looked up at me and smirked.

"need a ride?" he asked.

"what!? im sorry man, i dont know you? um, i appreciate the offer but you could be a rapist murderer so... no thanks." i said with a clear hint sarcasm laced in.

and you would never guess what lipringed giraffe legged possible murder did. he giggled. he freaking giggled, before parting his mouth saying,

"one, im not gonna do that to you. im not that kinda dude. i just noticed that you looked tensed and pissed and judging by the fact that we are undercover and you have water down your face which are probably tears cause a little bit of your mascaras running,"

he stopped talking to wipe some away with his thumb, holding my head between his palms,

"you arent having a very good day. now im sitting here cause i dont want a pretty girl like you stuck here all night, so babygirl, you need a ride?"

i parted my lips and looked up from my lap into his eyes where he was already staring, he sent me a small smile before dropping his hands from my face and wrapping them around me pulling me into his embrace.

"tell me about you. whats your name? how old are you? why are you hugging me?" i questioned.

"luke hemmings, hemmo, dr fluke, greatest person ever, sex god. 18, as of a week ago. because you need a hug, i can tell, and im a cuddle type of person. tell me about you."

"kate dallas, dont call me texas, katie, kswizzle, the actual greatest person ever, virgin sex god. 13, as of may. i do need a hug youre right. but luke isnt it weird that youre trying to cuddle up a 13 year old at a bus stop?" i said with a little bit of a laugh.

he smiled and looked at me before placing a kiss on my forehead and stood up then proceeded to pick me up bridal style, in which i wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into his chest whilst putting on my hood, preparing for the rain to hit me.

"where do ya live sweetcheeks?" luke said whilst putting his hood on.

"east 13th and smith street, buttercup."




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