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This week was about to be really busy I have 4 shipments coming in and I have a couple of drops to do.I am also trying to set up a new trap down town.This shit never ends.At least I didn't have to worry about London.She has been doing her job flawlessly.Every weekend she would fly to Cali, Colorado and Washington to do drops for me.I put a tracker in the duffel bags just to make sure stuff was being moved correctly.

And it has in the past 2 and 1/2 weeks she brought back 500,000 which I gave it all to Marley after taking my 2% and giving London her cut.The only down side was Murda bragging about how smart he is for coming up with the idea.But it's whatever cause right now I was think about how to stash and move product to the new trap house.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when a hand flew by my face, snatching my math test.I turn to look at no one other than Cheyenne.She was a really pretty girl, with the most fucked up attitude. She thinks every nigga wants her and every bitch wanna be her.I never gave that girl the time of day and because of this she has an issue with me.

"Damn look at you all finished with yo test."She says loudly popping her gum.I watch as she copies down a few answers but I don't even trip.I know she wants, to see me flex and shit.She was just that type of girl that needed people to notice her. Cheyenne looks up at me with an evil smirk.I stare back at her with a blank face and watch as her smirk fades at me bored reaction.I place my hand out waiting for her to give me back my test . Instead she rolls her eyes and tosses it on the floor, stepping on it as the bell rings.I turn in the real test and leave.

I quickly make my way through the crowded hallway and out the school.I called Murda telling him to meet me at hamburger hut around 8,I had some shit that needed to be handled ASAP.My connects wanted more and Marley was more then ready to give ,but that means London would be moving serious weight by the pound plus major cash.I had to know I could trust her with that kind of responsibility.

"She's late again."I mumble annoyed.

"Just chill,she probably caught up in traffic."Murda quickly made up an excuse for London lateness but I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

"I don't care if her ass has to walk on foot to get here,just get here on time."I say

" Real imma need you to calm down,why you trippin' you been rude as fuck ever since I brought up London ."he spits back.

I walk to the back of the car coming face to face with him."I'm trippin' because I'm bout to give this bitch a major role and she can't even show up on time."I take a deep breath try to stay calm." Look you know me Murda I don't trust nobody so if this fall through its my ass on the line not yours."

"Girl quit being over dramatic,we all know you don't have no ass."He jokes

"See this the shit I be talkin about.You also think it's a game when I'm tryin to be serious."I roll my eyes just as London pulls up in a bright ass red Bentley.

"My bad y'all I had to get my hair done."London says as she walks over to us twirling her key in her hand.

"What the fuck is that?"I ask pointing to the car.

"Oh it's my new whip ,why you like it."She says with a cheesy grin.

"No I don't like it."She looks at me confused."You don't think a 16 year old girl who barely has her permit driving a 150,000 dollar car isn't gonna raise any red flags?"

"Nah I just had some extra cash to blow so I bought it my bad I'll take it back damn"she mutters.I take a deep breath trying to remain calm

"Look ma we could care less what you do with your money.You can feed all the starving kids in Africa if you want ,just realize everything you do has an effect feel me"Murda jumps in."Secondly we gone need you to changes yo clothes"He says

"What you mean"she ask

"We mean as in you need to start wearing actual clothes."I say blankly."Everything you do from beyond this point reflects me and how I run my business so imma need you to look presentable at all times especially since I'm giving you a promotion."London smiles jumping up and down and rushes to hug me.

I look over at Murda to see him mouthing "Awwww"

I pull her even closer almost crushing her." Be careful I wouldn't want to have to kill you."I whisper she quickly nods before leaving

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