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'Back reality'

 Ben:That was a suprise jeff

Jeff: I never wrote it down i just thought of it really

Jane: Don't listen to him sanity wrote it

Sanity:Yes mom?

Jane:It's nothing sweety

Sanity walked back to her uncle and aunt with a smile. When slender was back they all ate dinner..

Slendy:Guys its time to stop

Jeff:But we are on our 9th chapter

Slendy: more pages more money to publish now give me that book

Ben:Ok give him the book, slendy that book is as risking my computers i finally have a hobby that doesn't in volve computers but if your going to let mortals see it i am ok

Ecar: hey i am still mortal just have dark things in me

Slendy: you can't be immortal just ask jack

Ecar: Jack?

Jack: I told him not to se when you die i could tell slendy to take my immortality and we could bought be together

Ecar: WHAT?! WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS MR OK?! but any way what now?

Ben:Ok here slendy the book *gives book*

Slendy: Thx

They all went to bed and the book was published it was actually a hit. Every girl shreiked at jack, jeff, ben, masky and hoodie, and toby. Ecar was jelouse because of jack, sally was too and hoodie didn't left an eye on masky. For very many reasons a billion girls were hunting to find the killers and a thing happend the killers thought the girls were even scarier than them, so everyone was eventually happy ben became a killer and writter the best, ecarlet became an eyeless, slendy as always, masky and hoodie got a good college, jane, jeff and sanity moved in to a two story house and tic toc toby moved in with laughing jack.

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