Moving Day

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*Jr's POV*

It was September 25, 2014 the day I found out I was moving to Irvington, NJ. I was bummed because I had to leave my friends & family in DC. Man this is going to be a long drive. I swear sometimes I hate the fact that my mom is in the army. We moved to different houses, but never have we moved to a different state before. Once I said goodbye to all my friends & family we drove off. "Man this gone be an interesting school year" she mumbled putting her headphones in.


*Jessica's POV*

Ughhh i'm so bored. I need to get out of Jersey asap! *phone vibrates* its 1:30am who would be texting me this late? she said with a confused face.

?????: We need 2 talk. Now!

Me: Huh? Who is this?

?????: U dont need 2 know who it is! Just know that we need 2 talk ASAP!

Me: Um idk who you think I am. But you have the wrong girl. *exit out the messages & lays phone down on the dresser*

?????: Oh really Jessica!? Girl dont play dumb with me! We have some unfinished business. Things we need 2 discuss face 2 face.

Is this person serious right now!? she said in a aggravated tone while picking up her phone to read the text.

Me: The hell? How TF do you know my name!?!?

?????: Damn girl do you need glasses!? I said before dont worry bout that. Just meet me in the cut beside the broke down trailer when you get out of school. I'll be waiting for you.✌️

*reads message* What the hell just happened? & who is that mysterious person?

*The next day*

*Jr's POV*

Packing is one thing but unpacking is the shit that annoys me. I dont know where to put none of my things & i'm not just gone leave lying around neither. *pulls out 2pairs of jordans* Aayyee shoe game too strong. I wonder if they have any cute girls here though. Mane my last relationship was crazy naw shawtie was psycho as hell!


"I thought you loved me babe? I thought you wont gone leave? What did i do?" Nicole stop it! You made your decision when you fucked my cousin! Now stop calling & coming to my house cause we're done! *hangs up the phone*

*Flashback Over*

Damn now that hoe was some kind of crazy. If any girls like that live here I swear ima be out in 0.2secs. But anyways let me finish unpacking.

*doorbell rings*

"Jr. get the door!" her mom yells.

No Madre its too far & plus i'm upstairs.

*doorbell rings again*

"Girl get yo ass down here & get this door" she said while getting lunch ready.

Ugghhh as much as I would love to be, but i'm not the only one in the house you know! she said coming down the stairs.

"Yea whatever fat head" her mom said laughing.

*Jay's POV*

Damn I guess they dont believe in opening doors. They better open it before I eat this cake, Lord knows I love me some chocolate! *knocks on the door* I hear voices but they not opening the door. What kind of stuff is this? Oh hell naw I aint standing here all day. *walks in the house* Yoo anybody home!? she called.


Jr: Yo whatsup partner!? You cant just be walking in people houses like that! Yo ass could've waited till I got to the door!

Jay: Chill Ali! Yall wont opening the door so I assumed that nobody was home. Look the last thing I wanted to do was disrespect yall house. My mom sent me over to give yall this cake as house warming gift to welcome yall to Jersey.

Jr: Naw I understand. My bad for spazzing out the way I did. I'm still working on my temper.

Jay: Its all good bro. We cool though? she said holding her hand out for a dap.

Jr.: Yea we good & thanks for the cake. she said laughing.

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