the reveal

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Amos wiped the memory away from his mind blocked toward the back of his mind like it didn’t exist. He was in the wagon on the main road heading towards rolvo. He looked out the back of the wagon and saw the other wagons horse walking so slowly. Clark, Owen and Mauro were sleeping quietly in the wagon .the guards on the horse were watching the grasslands next to the main road. The wagon started to turn right off the cobblestone paths onto the dirt road that lead to the fort Yia.

Fort Yia was on a hill with guard posts on the surrounding hills. There were a wooden pikes in a lines around the fort as there got close there was guard patrols moving around behind the pikes. The guards uniform was composes of a helmet, body plates, capes with green stripes and leg plates.

“Well there changed the uniform since I was here” Amos muttered silently to himself. The wagons stopped in the courtyard of the fortress. The guards come and pulled the groups out of the wagons.

“Move traitors” said a guard whom had a scar near his eyes

There moved out of the wagon and Clark fell on to the hard cold dirt. He laid there for a few seconds then got up before a guard kicked him in the gut. Amos moved into the courtyard with others the guards were on high alert. There had heard that the bese and the Vantrator have been on aggressive pattern lately. All of the kingdoms now had their cities with division of swordsmen and other weapons that the various races have to defend themselves. The Renatam had one massive problem which were the more and better equipped Vantrator armies which have been ransacking villages in the Gwelinad and southern renatam region.

The courtyard was filled with speared target dummies and hay littered the ground. The group was now in a line with guards on the left side next to Amos. A figure walked out of an underground door and walked out into the courtyard the sky was cloudy and was looking like it would rain. The figure walked toward Amos and the group.

“Amos you here is this a dream or I’m really seeing you here?”

“Commander how are you I have seen you since made the prep for teacup harbour when you-”the commander cut Amos off “well Amos you were the only survivor of that crisis and the Vantrator have not stopped moving forward ever since” the commander now moved forward  toward Amos then kicked him the head. Amos head went back in the kick to his head pain come rushing to his head. The guards grabbed Amos and held him back in place. I was now realising what was happening Amos knew that he was going to get this beating. I watched Amos with the rest of the group as Amos was being basically tortured in front of our eyes.

The commander then stopped and started talking to Amos in Renatam native tongue.

Here is a translate “Amos you traitor to the Renatam nation you let Roata burn on a boat with their traitor king you have any idea   of what Reyna did he took children and sold them, or he  left them on the ambaint dragon islands and if you don’t believe me then I will ask him myself” the commander broke back to normal language which was called ho (the word mean English).

To be continued later

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