The First meeting

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the first meeting is always the strangest. we meet people all around us, everyones different. Everyone seems so quiet this time.. i wonder how i would even be able to go on this school, people are staring so wierdly at us. they dont seem friendly... or atleast thats what i think.. but ill wait and see..

My thoughts raised as I entered the new class, the atmosphere here was tense, quiet and filled with eyes that where gazing my way. i left from the door slowly and begun walking into the class, i saw a place where no one was sitting and walked over, there was a boy, about 22 years old i think that where also sitting there, he looked up on me with a smile and gestured for me to sit down, i did so and sat down beside him. the class teacher raised up from his seat and spoke ''Alright Students, as you have noticed, there is a new member in our class. her name is Emily Carmsteir. she is going to be with us for the year and i hope you all will be nice to her.'' The teacher looked over at everyone, until his gaze meet the gaze of the student beside me, he gave a cold glare and looked back to the blackboard. I myself glanzed to the person beside me, but then he spoke ''hey... im Vincent, im the school leader when it comes to sport, clubs and the organizing of dorms. currently only my dorm is left that you can be in. so please take the oportunity to meybe consider sharing a dorm with me'' he said and smiled. i gave off a smile and noded a little ''I... am Madelen.. but people call me Maddie... yeah.. i guess we could try and share a dorm ... it would be a bit though but i think it would work,...'' i said with a shyly smile. he was cute and sexy.

As the clock rang everyone was fast up from theyr seats and leave. i ofcourse wasnt that fast, neither was Vincent. i looked over with a shyly smiled and he showed me the way out. he asked me to follow him so he could show me where we was going to share the doorm.

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