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Nancy walked around the the apartment interior, standing in posture with her hands hidden behind her back. "Alright, Nancy eh? Just to give you a fair warning I'll be giving you a 'pet name' mostly it will be 'kitten'." She smiled," I don't mind, you can call me what might please you." I chuckle,"Flattering, but I think I'll stick with 'kitten' it suits you." I wink. Nancy blushes a light shade of pink. "Thank you." I clenched my jaw in thought,"From now on, you will address me as Mistress." She nodded,"Yes Mistress, I understand clearly." This is going to be so exciting.

I look through the bag, throwing the attire at her,"Wear these."

"Yes Mistress." She went to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I jumped in glee enjoying my newfound sex slave.

Ten minutes later, she emerged with a lace bra and panties with knee-length black heel boots. Her hair was moved to the side, an Abercrombie perfume wafted in the room. "Mm, smells good." She stiffened a giggle, straightened her posture once more.

"Come we have to go to the private room." I took the bag, making my way to another room at the end of the hallway. I open the door, letting Nancy walk inside first. Closing the door behind me, I gestured her to lay on the queen sized bed. Tying her wrists to the pole, I made sure it was tight. "So kinky." She mused, biting her lip. The music was soft in the room, I took the whip, tracing it on her stomach softly. She inhaled at the touch,held her breath, then exhaled slowly.

JoJo was right, she's a good sport. I love it! Laying next to her, I climb and lay on her stomach. "You're so cute." I kiss her lips. Hovering over them for a tease. "Kitten, do you like me so far? In your opinion?"

"Yes, Mistress. I am here to serve your pleasurable needs." She begins to moan softly, even though I am not touching her anywhere; she moans louder, her wrists shaking. "Are you horny, kitten?" I ask, licking her jawline. "Please, I need it now. Please Mistress I beg of you!" I smirked, hushing her quietly. "Don't worry, patience is the key." Nancy groaned, panting heavily with her hands curl into fists."

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